ARROW Casts Sydelle Noel for Season 6!

In the latest Arrow Season 6 news the show has cast actress ‘Sydelle Noel‘ to play the role of an FBI investigator who is bent on finding the connection between Mayor Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow. Her character name on the show is Samanda Watson and you can check out her character description below. Will Oliver be outed to all of Star City again? Let us know your thoughts AFTER THE JUMPArrow Season 6 premieres Thursday, October 12 on The CW

Her character’s name is Samanda Watson (don’t say that name around William because it sounds a whole lot like “Samantha” who is most likely gone boom on Lian Yu). She’s described as “intelligent and poised with a no nonsense attitude” and she won’t rest until the Green Arrow’s secrets are revealed.


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