Hasbro’s Vinnie D’Alleva Admits Left-Wing Agenda is Why G.I.Joe is Going Away!


Today on Facebook Hasbro employee Vinne D’Alleva admitted what i have been saying all along. That Hasbro thinks ARAH vs Cobra is offensive to parents who want to have ‘PC’ children. So they are not going to sell that product anymore. Below is a direct quote from him. In addition to this, Hasbro is a large contributor financially to anti-gun legislation. This also has a big tie in with their decision to try and Neuter G.I.Joe from being a military toy, into something totally different. What is your opinion? Join in the Conversation after the JUMP!

Vinnie D’Alleva

While I worked on this brand for 4 years and loved every minute of it, there is a harsh reality to acknowledge: that there is actually a real war going on with American heroes and nameless masked terrorists. What once was fantasy has become reality. Until a new, fictional nemesis can be created I fear parents looking at Cobra will only see Isis – and THAT, gentlemen won’t sell.

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