John Hostetter Voice of ‘Bazooka’ in G.I.Joe Passes Away!


The voice of one of the most beloved characters in the original G.I.Joe Cartoon series passed away today. Actor and voice artist John Hostetter, who voiced ‘Bazooka‘ passed away at age 69. For those of us who grew up watching G.I.Joe this is a sad loss. Check out some of his work and details on his life below, and share your favorite ‘Bazooka‘ moments with us AFTER THE JUMP!

Over the weekend, veteran actor John Hostetter, who was most famously known for playing the stage manager on Murphy Brown, passed away at 69 years old.
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The late actor’s family announced that John died on Saturday in New Smyrna Beach, Florida after a long battle with cancer.
Not only did Hostetter appear in 62 of the 247 episodes of the hit CBS sitcom, but he also had small roles in flicks like Heartbreak Ridge, Beverly Hills Cop II, Nor Way Out, and Leonard Part 6!
The actor also made appearances in such shows as Knight Rider, T.J. Hooker, The Golden Girls, Matlock, and NYPD Blue.
John was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1946 and attended the University of North Carolina before getting his master’s in acting from Cornell University! The Murphy Brown star then toured with the National Shakespeare Company before he moved to California in 1971.
Back in 2001, the elderly man and his wife, Del Appleby, moved to Florida where he worked as an artist and played multiple instruments in a few different bands.
Hostetter is survived by his wife, his sister Flora, nephews Chris, Tim, and Greg, and grand-nephew Alex.




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