LEGENDS OF TOMORROW SN 3 Ep. 2 ‘Freakshow’ Promo and Synopsis!

Today we have photos, new promo clip and official synopsis for next week’s all new episode of ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘ titled, ‘Freakshow‘. This is the highly anticipated episode guest starring Billy Zane as ‘P.T. Barnum’. Check out all the details below and let us know if you will be watching AFTER THE JUMPLegends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday evenings at 8pm Central on The CW

“The Legends find themselves in 1870 to fix the anachronism which happens to be at P.T. Barnum’s fledgling circus. However, Nate and Ray accidentally free a saber toothed tiger, creating a bigger problem. Meanwhile, P.T. Barnum (guest star Billy Zane) is on the hunt to capture Nate and Ray to make his show even more exciting for the crowd.”

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