Madballs Oculus Orbus 4-Inch Foam Figure!

Madballs Oculus Orbus 4-Inch Foam Figure – ORDER YOURS BY CLICKING HERE!

Hot Off the Truck – 4/3/2017

Price: $9.99

Kidrobot and Madballs have teamed up to introduce the Madballs 4-Inch Foam Figures! Featuring the eye ball with no focus and bloodshot veins, Occulus Orbus is back! Enjoy the eyesore design of Occulus’ slimy look and collect them all for the grossest collection ever. Whether you squeeze it or collect it, this Madballs Occulus Orbus 4-Inch Foam Figure will be the stand out piece on your shelf. Ages 15 and up.
Age:  15+


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