Rip Hunter Confirmed to Return in Legends of Tomorrow Sn. 3!

Fans were pretty upset following this week’s season finale of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, as it looked like Arthur Darvill’s, ‘Rip Hunter‘ was going to leave the show. But, not so fast, Legends show runner Marc Guggenheim has confirmed that our favorite Time Master will be back for the shows third season. Check out more on this below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!
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Talking on Entertainment Weekly Radio (via TVLine) Thursday, “Legends of Tomorrow” showrunner Marc Guggenheim said, “We’ve got plans for Rip for next year. It’s just in a different capacity than him being a member of the team.”

With the second season finale ending with the Legends stuck in 2017 Los Angeles where time has seemingly folded in on itself, leaving dinosaurs and all sorts of chaos running about, fans have wondered how this will affect the other DCTV shows — namely “The Flash” and “Arrow” — and whether the repercussions felt in “Legends of Tomorrow” will be seen in those shows.

Guggenheim answered by, essentially, saying no, explaining that, “We never want television to feel like a homework assignment…That said…there will be an explanation in Season 3 as to why you’re not seeing dinosaurs run through Central City.”

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