Sign the Petition to Save Joecon and G.I.Joe #saveGIJoe!


All of the big names in the G.I.Joe community have started a petition at, to save the annual ‘Joecon’ and the brand in general. If you want to see the G.I.Joe Collectors Club and Joecon continue, join in the petition at the link below, and make your voice count! … ef=Default

We ask that Hasbro please consider the impact that the G.I. Joe brand and JoeCon have had on countless lives and families worldwide. As longstanding members of the G.I. Joe fan community, we ask Hasbro to continue to provide this forum for generations of G.I. Joe fans to celebrate our love of the brand. Please consider continuing the International G.I. Joe Collectors Convention in 2017 and beyond.

Thank you,

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