Star Trek: Discovery – First Look Trailer!

The next iteration of Star Trek is here in the new ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘ series coming to CBS All Access. Today we have the first real teaser trailer to get you set for the series. Check it out below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP! Star Trek: Discovery premiere’s this fall on CBS All Access.
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Star Trek.
Ten years before Kirk.

The Federation has always been about space exploration. It has defensive weapons. Not offensive weapons.
According to this trailer, The Federation had different tactics. This must take place in the new modern version of Star Trek where the timeline has changed.

Shoot first, ask questions later.
“Starfleet doesn’t fire first”
“We have to”
That is certainly the modern way of thinking.

New uniforms.

Desert scene with a feel and costumes very similar to our introduction to Rey in The Force Awakens.

On the edge of Federation space, a clash with yet another race of Klingons.
My first impressions are that it looks well made, not too keen on the uniforms, mainly the pleats on the sides.
Klingons look very…Egyptian.

I do hope I can find a way to watch this on Netflix.
I have no intention of paying for CBS all access.

That is the big question.
Who will jump on board the new ship via CBS All Access? Are there enough Trek fans still out there willing to give this a go to support a new series or will it die a quick death.

With Amazon Prime and Netflix already well entrenched in this type of entertainment platform, can CBS compete?

Will the prophecy told by the new “Spock” character, Lieutenant Saru whose people were biologically determined for one purpose alone, to sense the coming of death, apply to this risky venture by CBS and Paramount?


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