The POP-EXPOSE: Critiquing Nirvana!


Serpentorslair Contributor ‘Train‘ gives a look at the legendary Rock Band ‘Nirvana‘! Check it out below then let us know what you think after the JUMP!

Nirvana, formed in 1987 by 2 friends Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic. In a search to hit it big, they finally landed drummer Dave Grohl, who pushed them over the top into stardom. The band’s first big hit was “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (which there has been many covers of this song including The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain which is a real good version.) Nirvana released 2 albums in their growing fame and abruptly ended with the death of Cobain. After his death live shows and basically all of their early work was pulled together and there have been a handful of albums released. They were eligible this year for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and rightfully so inducted.

Back in 1993 I was kind of on the fence with Nirvana, Some of their music at the time seemed like aimless screaming to me and I didn’t get it. It wasn’t till a year after right after Cobain’s death that I started to understand. 2 of my underclassmen at my high school were diehard Nirvana fans and many of the kids at the time didn’t get the hype on Nirvana. I remember the day when the news was released and one of them told me on the school tennis court what had happened to Cobain. At the time I thought little of it, and might have even been pleased that he was gone. Did I ever make a mistake feeling that way though.

November of 1994 I heard Nirvana in a different light, with the release of MTV Unplugged in New York. For the first time I listened to the sound that was being produced, and the wonderful music that Nirvana made. At that time, I realized I had made a huge mistake and reassessed Nirvana in my mind. Since then I have gone back and gotten their old discs, box sets, what ever I could find. I became a wild Nirvana fan. They had produced such a pure, authentic, and original sound that has become such a wonderful addition to any one’s musical library, it is sad to know that we have such a small sample of what they could have accomplished. Their written music will live on for quite some time to come and it will live on in my mind as one of the top all time bands in history.

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