The POP-EXPOSE ‘EAZY E’ by Mitchell Smith’!

Eric Lynn Wright was born September 7th 1964 in Compton, CA. E is know as the Godfather of Gangsta Rap. E dropped out of tenth grade and supported himself by selling drugs. He earned a lot of money with drugs, but realized that there was a better and more honest way to make a living. He started Ruthless Records and started rapping. He was a big part of N.W.A until he had a falling out with Dr. Dre. He would have a solo career as well but his life was cut short in 1995 do to complications from AIDS. Eazy was the small kid on the block, with a big mouth. His rap reflected his upbringing in Compton, a rough and tough L.A. suburb known for its gang related violence.

His lyrics were very raw, but very true to the Compton life style. For someone like me a white kid who grew up in the mountains, it was quite hard understanding his music. After living in a city for nearly 20 years, I now get it though. The harsh life that could not be escaped. It was a do or die world he lived in. To some degree he escaped the harsh world of Compton, but there was no way to completely escape that world in which he grew up in, especially after he became famous. It followed him, and eventually lead to his demise. Never the less E will go down as one of the most influential rap artists of the 90’s.

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