The POP-EXPOSE ‘Music’ by Mitchell Smith!

Music is probably the oldest form of entertainment. From the times of a caveman beating a stick on a rock to today with a 100 person Orchestra working together to create a sweet medley of sound, music has been a staple in all cultures. The modern music industry over the past say 100 years has grown into a huge money making machine. Venues these days generate a ton of revenue and make areas thrive by drawing in bands and stars to perform. Music is at the tips of our fingers with IPhones and digital devices.

The convenience of saying Alexa play The Band on Pandora was something growing up just a few years back was unheard of, CDS were great when they came out mostly do to being able skip around easily from song to song, but when it came to being mobile the CD would skip and get scratched, so there were limitations to its versatility, but the struggles of growing up in the eighties was real. Tapes were a great way of the time to listen to your favorite artist. The Walkman and boom box made it easy to carry and listen, but the Eighties were a huge era for pop stars and one hit wonders so justifying spending all your birthday money on one good song was hard to do. Oh but blank tapes were awesome, and music could be recoded easily and played and recoded over and over again and again, until the tape blew out. Before that vinyl ruled the way music was distributed and played. 
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Music has always been a part of my life, not only listening but playing and singing. When I was young 8-10 years old my brothers and I would crank up the Beatles in the garage and we would all pretend to be one of the Beatles and perform to nobody. It was just fun for us. In middle school I had a unique situation where I was 1 of ten in my class, and both classes above and below were similar in numbers so we were always recruited to play sports, do drama, band, chorus, etc.. so I had an opportunity to do a lot of different things, mostly I sang in the chorus and went to Allstate and things like that, on top of playing 3 sports and in a play or two, but I never took the opportunity to play an instrument, only because in the forth grade I wanted to play the guitar and I needed to have my own guitar, so because I didn’t have one I didn’t want to play anything else. I have always enjoyed a wide range of music though, Rock, Country, Rap, Pop, Classical. Capturing how that artist felt when they preformed that song. Listening to the different sounds of an orchestra, or feeling that passion from a certain movie seen from the music that played. It would be hard to imaging driving down the road without the radio going. So here is tip of the hat to the greatest form of entertainment. Rock on. 

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