The POP-EXPOSE ‘ My Little Pony’ by Mitchell Smith!

My little Pony was released in 1982 the figures were colorful ponies with different color mains and symbols on their flanks. There was also a cartoon. Growing up I had 3 brothers and a younger sister. I got a very small taste of My Little Pony and growing up in the 80’s I probably would have been called gay had I been caught watching it. Fast forward 25 years. In a more accepting time in my life and perhaps the world, I sat down with my daughter to watch some episodes and joining us was my son who probably would still get picked on if he got caught watching it but a guarantee 90% of the boys are watching it with their older sisters. 

And for a dad watching it with his baby girl, that just made me the coolest dad ever. I could see what the draw was, the characters in the show where really good, and obviously aimed at girls, but there were some episodes where I was like these ponies are really bad ass. Most of the episodes were very innocent but there was some great villains created for the show. There have been some modern cartoons as well, 2010 was the season I remember my kids watching. This was a great idea and has been very successful over the years. So drop your macho Dad’s and don’t be embarrassed to watch some episodes with your little girl. Want to share your experiences with ‘My Little Pony‘? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP!


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