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Has the digital world stifled or enhanced the musical world?

A few months ago I thought about writing on the topic of the digital world killing the album. People can just download their favorite songs and make play list and what not. By not having to buy an album to listen to their favorite songs, they eliminate all the songs that didn’t make the hit list but may very well be a gem that didn’t get air time, but one would never find out if they could get the good songs without having to buy all the others.

Recently I have been trying to expand my musical palate, and I discovered that some of my favorite artists’ albums are available on YouTube. So I have listened to quite a few albums that I wouldn’t have gone out and bought otherwise. Recently I have enjoyed David Bowie, The Meat Puppets, Rihanna, Eminem, and John Horton. So I think it may be safe to say the digital world has both hampered albums in some ways, and made them more accessible at the same time.
I am a fan of music. I enjoy listening to all types of music , from country, rock, rap, classical, New Orleans street bands, ETC…

I would assume music was created back in the stone age with some grunting, smacking sticks together, and banging rocks together, over the years it has evolved into a major source of entertainment, relaxation, motivation, and just over all passing time. I remember some of the albums my family had as a kid, Meat Loaf’s “Bat Out of Hell” and Men At Work are 2 that stick out. Shortly after listening to those records the big tape craze took off. Me and my brothers had a Beatles tape. I remember we built a stage in our wood shed and we would crank up the music and get a broom for a guitar, a couple pails were the drums and we would become the Beatles.

Tapes were convenient and compact. The Walkman became very popular and everyone could listen to there own music at ease. Mixing tapes became popular as well and sad to say I still have a bunch of mixed tapes but I don’t think I have a tape deck any more. CD’s became popular in the 90’s. They were much more convenient then tapes because you could skip songs, rewind and fast forward was such a pain.

CDs were good but they got scratched and sun burned easy. Although CDs remain a staple source to distribute music, the digital age was born and has become the major way outside of radio to play music. Napster was great but I guess them and anyone using it were stealing. OOPS!!! Now music is readily available through ITunes and I find myself listening to You Tube a lot, to find songs and videos from past and present.

All in all I find music being my main source of entertainment and relaxation. I don’t watch a lot of TV and at work I normally have the radio on. I do tend to sing a lot in the car as well, normally with the windows closed I can get pretty loud and intense depending on what comes on the radio. I’ve often thought that I should have pursued a musical career, but for now I will stick to karaoke and disappointing or pleasing myself when I can hit the notes.

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