The POP-EXPOSE ‘Valor vs Venom The Movie’ by Mitchell Smith!

Where does the 2004 Valor vs Venom movie fit in to the G.I.Joe mythos?

I recently watched the 2004 Valor vs Venom movie for the first time. Comparing it to the 1987 GI Joe movie or any of the 80’s cartoons is not really fair so I’m going to take it for what its worth and see how you think it sizes up and breaks down with the rest of the franchise. First off this was a trying and transformation stage for animation, so the CGI was laughable at times, but overall it was watchable. Trying to take it for what it was worth and not comparing characters and voices from the Joe hay days, over all the character designs were good except Destro’s head, what the hell were they thinking? Looked like he needed a new face mask because he had been eating too man Ho Hos – can you say fashion faux pas, other then that the rest were ok except for Mindbenders stache. The animal infused humans were the best part of the whole show and I thought this was what saved the whole movie. They were really cool and how could you hate Cobra Commanders greed to create Venomous Maximus , this perhaps was the single greatest character of the whole film and he actually looked pretty good. 

General Hawk can be pretty bad ass when infused with many different animal DNA’s. Trying not to be negative. Some of the voices were not bad, but Cobra Commander and Mindbender’s voices were just bad, Cobra Commander’s may have not been bad if I had never heard him from the 80’s, so I’ll chalk his up as OK, but Mindbender, yeah, great outfit, but that voice, NO. Speaking of outfits, the action figures, which may or may not have been created before the cartoon, were pretty cool. This was also a changing time from the 1985 style figure Joe fans had become accustomed to. Although this style was short lived there were some really cool looking figures in this style. Overall I would rate this in the 5-6 range in the Joe universe. I did enjoy the story line, I wouldn’t mind seeing it redone with some better graphics and some better voicing for the main characters, but I’ll take it for what it’s worth and enjoy it for that much.

What do you think about the G.I.Joe Valor vs. Venom movie? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP!

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