This is not 100% set in stone yet, but, it is highly likely that Superman will be appearing on ‘The Flash‘ on CW during season 2, and that actor Tom Welling, who played Superman in the hit Series ‘Smallville‘ will be reprising the role. Get the latest on this below, and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!


Now normally we don’t report on rumors, but this one seems to be based on a semi-confirmation. According to Comic Central City Greg Berlanti talked at a CW Event stating that Superman may appear in Season 2 of The Flash and he will be played by Tom Welling, who is known for playing Clark Kent/The Blur on The WB/CW’s Smallville for 10 Seasons.

Apparently the events of the Season Finale will cause Barry to end up in an alternate universe (the Smallville Universe), not only that but Cisco and Caitlin will develop meta-human abilities
Now the idea of Tom Welling appearing as Superman makes sense in the context of the story, when Barry changes his mother’s fate he returns to another version of the universe, Smallville introduced us to the multi-universe concept and with Infinite Crisis being a developing story on The Flash it’s not too far off.

Unfortunately Tom Welling has found very little in the way of acting roles since he played Clark Kent and was even considered to play Superman when Bret Ratner was attached to Superman Returns, so maybe its about time.

It’s important to note that Geoff Johns spoke a while back that Batman & Superman were off-limits “right now” but never said they would never appear and if they were to go along with it would already be established that he was completely different from Man of Steel version of the character.

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    • Tom Welling did talk to The CW about appearing as Superman on either The Flash or Supergirl. Ultimately The CW decided to go with Tyler Hoechlin as their Superman and Tom Welling signed on for the DC Series ‘Lucifer’.

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