Weird Al New Song ‘Tacky’ debuts on Nerdist!


Weird Al’s new track ‘Tacky‘ debuted today on Nerdist! Check out the song and video and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: nerdist)

We’re going to have some fun today!” Al told us before shooting began. “Thank you, Pharrell; I really appreciate it–you’re a cool guy,” he said as he cracked that famously wide smile.

Throughout the video we are treated to a wonderful deluge of clashing colors, socks-and-sandals, Jack Black’s backwards sequin fanny pack, and dance moves that resemble a fit of ataxia. Every aspect of the video is so tastefully tasteless, that we’re pretty sure tackiness will be the look of the summer.

As thrilled as we are about how big the music video for “Tacky” is, the rest of Weird Al’s album is full of exceedingly catchy parodies that we’re also ecstatic to blast on repeat all summer long. ”I am very proud of it” Al said confidently. “I think its my best album to date.”

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