X Files Crossover With TMNT, Ghostbusters,Transformers,Crow?


Well if this doesn’t make your Friday , then I don’t know what will. IDW has just announced a crossover comic event for the ages. This January, X Files: Conspiracy #1 will begin a year long comic series that will have the X Files crossing over with TMNT, Ghostbusters, The Crow, and Transformers! I know some aren’t wild about crossovers, but this has got to be at the very least , raise a eye brow in curiosity alone. Check out the discussion after the JUMP!


It’s one of those things you didn’t know you wanted until you saw it, but trust us, you want this. IDW (via Bleeding Cool) have announced a giant event that will carry on throughout 2014 that collides the X-Files universe with some of their other licensed properties including Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Crow and Ghostbusters.

It all begins with X-Files: Conspiracy #1 in January. The soliciation for that issue reads as follows:

“The event of the year begins here! When The Lone Gunmen discover Internet files from the future, they learn that a plague will soon wipe out most of humanity. With Agents Mulder and Scully working one lead, the Gunmen must spring into action and investigate several urban legends: a group of ghost-hunters, mutant turtles that live in the sewers, shape-changing alien robots, and a vengeful spirit from beyond the grave!”

Also in January comes The X-Files: Conspiracy: Ghostbusters. That solicitation reads:

“The Lone Gunmen investigate their first lead, the Ghostbusters. Are they frauds and charlatans, bilking unwitting clients out of money? Or do they have special insight into the afterlife? And how are they connected to the plague that’s poised to wipe out humanity?”

My Thoughts? Being a huge fan of all the above mentioned franchises , I am pretty excited to enjoy a stormy Saturday afternoon in January reading a issue ofMoulder and Skully investigating the sewers of NYC on the way to discovering the Turtle lair!


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