2013 DC Collectibles c2e2 & Wondercon Exclusives Revealed!


If you were curious what this years DC Collectibles c2e2 and Wondercon Exclusives will be, we now know. Check out the news below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: enewsi via twitter)

DC Collectibles & MTV have announced they will be releasing another 3.75″ Green Lantern 2-pack for this summer’s c2e2 and Wondercon exclusives. This set will include figures of Guy Gardner and Larfleeze with Glomulus. The set will be available at the Graphitti Designs booth like last years exclusives. The set will cost $30.

There will also be a Aardman Batman & Robin 2-pack. Batman stands 6.375” and Robin is 9.5”. The set will cost $40.

WonderCon runs from March 29-31 in Anaheim, California. C2E2 runs from April 26-28 in Chicago, Illinois.



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