All new Walking Dead Action Figures!


Today we have a look at the brand new Walking Dead figures that will be themed after the very popular TV series! Check out the figure images and the details below and share your thoughts after the JUMP on these great figures coming from McFarlane!

(Source: Toyark)

McFarlane has released official in and out of package image for their Walking Dead TV Series 4 Figures. With these new images, we also get word that there will be a new, exclusive Walking Dead TV Series Rick Grimes (Season 3 Version). It will be exclusive to Hastings Entertainment, Walgreens, and Grosnor Distribution. Here’s the breakdown of all the figures:

• Andrea
• The Governor
• Carl Grimes
• Riot Gear Zombie
• Riot Gear Gas Mask Zombie
• Exclusive Rick Grimes
• Dixon Bros. 2-Pack



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