A Look at Beast Hunters Trailcutter with “In Hand” Images!

New Looks at Beast Hunters Trailcutter Cyberverse Trailcutter Out of the Package Image (1)__scaled_600

It has been a long time since any Transformers line has seen a “Trailbreaker” aka “Trailcutter” figure. The time has come and the character has returned in the Beast Hunters line. Check out a first look at the new figure below and then make the JUMP to the Serpentorslair Forum’s and join in the Discussion.

(Source TFormers.com)

Thanks to zeroeo of the HK-TF forums who has posted some first looks at the Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Wave 2 Trailcutter action figure in hand. The images offers some new looks at the Trailcutter toy that repaint / remold of the Transformers Prime Cyberverse Commander Ironhide. Check out the images of the figure in robot and alternate modes below.


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