‘Assassin’s Creed IV-Black Flag’ Coming this Fall!


Fans of the Assassin’s Creed Video game series are going to be thrilled to know that the next installment in the series is set to be released this Fall! Below we have the latest on Assassin’s Creed IV -Black Flag! Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag will be released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U and PC.

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New hero: PIRATE AND ASSASSINS member Edward Kenway: Britain (Connor Grandfather, Haytham Father)

England and many Carribean Islands had strong relationship in 1715! Pirates, corsairs…

Possible scenarios: Jamaica, Bahamas, Cuba, Mexico and maybe Any England city with seaport (for any chapters)… can be crazy!!!


Edward Kenway (unknown – 1735) was the father of Haytham Kenway and a member of the Assassin Order. He was the grandfather of Ratonhnhaké:ton and an ancestor of Desmond Miles.


Edward was married at some point to Caroline Scott, with whom he had a daughter, Jenny. Under unknown circumstances, his marriage eventually ended and he married his second wife, Tessa Stephenson-Oakley, some time afterwards.

Through Tessa’s family connections, she had assisted him in purchasing a manor in Queen Anne’s Square in London. The two had a son, Haytham, in 1725. Edward trained Haytham to become an Assassin from an early age, such as tutoring him on how to use a sword, despite Haytham barely being six years old at the time. He would also encourage him to think for himself, and dispute others’ opinions.

On Haytham’s eighth birthday, the Kenway family was walking home from a trip to White’s Chocolate House on Chesterfield Street, when the group was attacked by a mugger. Reginald Birch, an associate of Edward’s who was also with them, threatened to kill the man, whose attempt to rob Tessa of her necklace had failed. However, he was dissuaded by Edward, who was infuriated at Reginald’s harsh vigilantism. When the family returned home that day, Edward asked his son whether he thought that the thief should have been allowed to go free. At first, Haytham replied that he initially held feelings to enact revenge, but would have offered the man clemency, to which Edward presented him with a steel short sword.

During another one of Reginald Birch’s visits, the two men had a loud argument after Birch had Haytham unknowingly reveal the location of his Edward’s most prized and hidden possessions. The argument ended with Birch storming out of the office.

On 3 December 1735, the Kenway household was infiltrated by masked men, who kidnapped his daughter, Jenny Kenway, and killed several of the servants. During this time, they cornered Edward in the games room, and in a prolonged fight, they killed him.


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