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Join us in San Diego, CA, June 27-30, for BotCon® 2013 at the Town and Country Resort to experience one of the largest annual gatherings of Transformers fans! This pop-culture phenomenon continues to take the world by storm, and you will want to be part of this fantastic

Transformers event! What will you experience at the show?

Special Guests-featuring voice actors, artists and, of course, the Hasbro Transformers Team. The Hasbro Team will be on hand the entire weekend to show you the upcoming products and to answer your burning Transformers questions.

Panels and Seminars-led by Hasbro, special guests and experts in the Transformers community. These presentations will totally immerse you in all things Transformers. Learn inside information, meet celebrities, watch demonstrations and more!

Exhibit Hall-featuring over 200 tables of Transformers merchandise for sale. There are thousands of items each year that trade hands in this BotCon focal point.

Transformers Film Fest-displays the talents of Transformers fans from all over the world. Come watch stories you have never dreamed of, being shown on the big screen!

Contests-showcase the incredible skills of Transformers artists everywhere. Start designing your entries today as you could be a big winner in one of the five different BotCon contests.

Autographs-will be available from many of your long-time favorite Transformers’ voice actors and other special guests. Transformers Customizing Class-a day long optional event that teaches fans to take off-the-shelf Transformers and create new characters by repainting existing toys. Local Tours-are always a great way to start your week by touring the San Diego area with your fellow Transformers enthusiasts! This is a terrific way to meet other fans and share memories that will last a lifetime!

Private Exhibit Hall Experience-will give registered attendee fans the first opportunity for purchasing in the Exhibit Hall on Friday afternoon. Room to Room Trading-provides collectors an opportunity to swap, buy and sell items from their personal collections in the evenings when the Exhibit Hall is closed. Have just a few extras you would like to swap? Well, this is your chance to trade with other collectors.

Casino Night Awards Party-is a time to relax and celebrate this fantastic Transformers weekend. This is a fun-filled evening of camaraderie with great food and games. The event includes a buffet dinner, casino games and fabulous auction items, all included with your Primus or Mini-Con packages!

2013 toys BotCon Figure Set

Many know of the BEAST WARS, the fight which found Optimus Primal and his crew of Maximals battle against Megatron and his league of Predacons, with the fate of time itself hanging in the balance! Centuries before, though, there was another war whose story is just now being told. A war that threatened the very existence of all Cybertronians, Autobot and Decepticon. This Summer, be warned friends… For the MACHINE WARS are coming!!!

With Optimus Prime and Galvatron off-line, two legendary Generals, OBSIDIAN and STRIKA, will be tasked with saving Cybertron from the invading clone army led by MEGAPLEX and his fleet of Skywarp clones. Along with noble troops such as the maintenance expert HOIST, the Autobots will need every soldier they can find if they are to save Cybertron and win the MACHINE WARS!

This amazing five-figure Transformers MACHINE WARS: TERMINATION box set features: General OBSIDIAN, General STRIKA, Clone Army Commander MEGAPLEX, Clone Warrior SKYWARP and Autobot maintenance expert HOIST. Originally a KayBee exclusive line from 1997, this 2013 BotCon box set brings fans and collectors a long-awaited and AMAZING second series of Machine Wars toys. This offering will be hot, so don’t miss out! Order your Primus or Iacon package today!

Registered Attendee Packages Six convention packages available! The Primus Package ($365 for club members or $450 for nonmembers) consists of the following and will be received at your assigned registration pick-up time:

• Machine Wars: Termination* Convention Set: A five-figure boxed set which includes General Obsidian, General Strika, Commander Megaplex, Clone Warrior Skywarp, and Autobot Hoist, all presented in an illustrated display box. Also included with the set is a certificate of authenticity, tech specs and figure weapons.

• Convention name badge and convention pin.

• Convention program with comic.

• Admittance to the Exhibit Hall including the Private Exhibit Hall Experience on Friday and Early Bird privileges on Saturday.

• Admittance to all convention panels/seminars and the Casino Night Awards Party.

• The pre-convention tours and classes are available for an additional charge.

• BONUS FIGURE: Primus Package attendees will receive an extra surprise convention piece not available with the non-attending package. This extra piece will not be sold and is our gift to you for making the trip. (You must pick up your convention package in person.)

• One entry per person (not per package) in the free trip giveaways (for the 2014 BotCon) drawing on Sunday at 3:15 pm. Two winners will be drawn.*†

The Mini-Con Package ($90 for club members or $150 for nonmembers) consists of the following:

• Convention name badge.

• Admittance to the Exhibit Hall including the Private Exhibit Hall Experience on Friday and Early Bird privileges on Saturday.

• Admittance to all convention panels/seminars and the Casino Night Awards Party.

• The pre-convention tours and classes are available for an additional charge.

• The Mini-Con Package is offered in conjunction with the Primus Package so that accompanying family members can join the fun. Each Primus Package is limited to three Mini-Con Packages.*†

The Protoform Package ($175 for club members or $250 for nonmembers) consists of the following:

• Convention name badge.

• Convention program with comic.

• Admittance to the Exhibit Hall including the Private Exhibit Hall Experience on Friday and Early Bird privileges on Saturday.

• Admittance to all convention panels/seminars.

• The pre-convention tours and classes are available for an additional charge.

• This package does not include any of the Primus Package figures, or the Casino Night Awards Party.*†

The Iacon Package ($365 for club members or $450 for non-members) is for those who cannot attend the show and consists of:

• Machine Wars: Termination* Convention Set: A five-figure boxed set which includes General Obsidian, General Strika,
Commander Megaplex, Clone Warrior Skywarp, and Autobot Hoist, all presented in an illustrated display box. Also included with the set is a certificate of authenticity, tech specs and figure weapons.

• Convention pin.

• Convention program with comic.

• Does not include the bonus attendee figure.

• Items will be shipped three to four weeks after the show to your home address. (Use the registration link to order this package.)

Golden Ticket Upgrade

This year we are offering an (optional) upgraded package for the Primus package holders. This upgrade is called the Primus Golden Ticket (limited to 100 packages). This upgrade provides you with the following extra benefits to assist you in maximizing your convention experience.

The upgrade cost is added to the Primus package price and you must be a Transformers Collectors’ Club member to take advantage of this special option.

• Early package pickup on Wednesday night OR Thursday before the regular posted pickup times.

• Early shopping at the club store for exclusives before the regular posted shopping times AND triple the regular limit on exclusive convention souvenirs.

• Exclusive Golden Ticket Cloisonné Pin.

• Pre-signed autograph print (signed by all attending special guests).*

• Exclusive Meet and Greet Reception (pictures, light hors d’oeuvres, discussions, no autographs) on Friday night with special convention guests and celebrities.*

• Reserved seating in the first three rows of all panels.

• Extra $2,000 in credits for the Casino Night Awards Party event.

• Option to purchase one Mini-Con Golden Ticket package per each Primus Golden Ticket package. This option adds $100 to the Mini-Con Package price.

Cost is an additional $300 added to the Primus Package (Golden Ticket total $665).

Additional Details

During the first day (24 hours) of registration, all Primus or Iacon Package registrants will receive a special Machine Wars: Termination “first day of registration” cloisonné lapel pin. In addition, 550 loose sets of the five-figure convention toys, which includes General Obsidian, General Strika, Commander Megaplex, Clone Warrior Skywarp, and Autobot Hoist, (packaged in poly bags, no box, no certificate, etc.) will be available for $275. Only Transformers Collectors’ Club Member Primus or Iacon Package holders can take advantage of this offer and sets will be sold on a firstcome, first-served basis. This is a great way to increase your ‘bots for maximum display impact without having to take your figures out of the display box. Our special convention figures will NEVER be sold at retail stores and are extremely limited. This extra set is limited to one per Primus, Iacon or Golden Ticket Package purchased. Just as in past years, there will be a limited number of souvenir figures available at the show. Registered attendees will have a first purchase opportunity starting on Thursday night during registration pick-up. Package pick-up instructions will be emailed in early June. Packages are limited, so sign up early!

Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor booths are $425. Fee includes two 8’ tables, one 6’ table and 2 Dealer badges. Booth size is approximately 11’ wide by 8’ deep. Single tables are available for $275 and include one badge. Booths and tables are limited. Each Exhibitor booth will receive one surprise bonus figure. Multiple Exhibitor booth contracts and payments received by March 31, 2013 will receive a $25 discount. Single booths and single tables are not discounted and single tables are limited to one per dealer, not combinable with a booth. Artists Alley table – don’t forget that you can get single tables to show-and-sell your custom Transformers art for $225. Standard electrical hookups (10 amps) for all booths or tables are $225 per hook up (total for all three days). Telephone (credit card line) service can be provided at a cost of $125 (total for all three days). Placement in the Exhibit Hall will be assigned in the order the registrations are received. The earlier your registration is received, the closer your booth will be to the front of the Exhibit Hall. The entire facility is air-conditioned and carpeted. Exhibitor’s product content must be at least 50% Transformers related. This means robots, action figures, comics, sci-fi or related products. General toys or dolls are not allowed. Exhibitors must collect the 8% California sales tax or current rate in effect at the time of the show. Exhibitors must obtain a California sales tax permit from the BOE https://efile.boe. before the show. You will have one month to file your sales on-line after the show. Please bring your permit to registration and display it at the show.

Exhibitors can drop their items into their space from 8:00 pm-9:30 pm on Thursday night. Dealer set-up is from 7:30 am-2:00 pm on Friday. You must wear your Dealer Badge to enter the Exhibit Hall at any time during the show or set-up.


You can send small shipments directly to your hotel. If you are staying at the Town and Country Resort, send your packages to: Arriving Guest (name, date) Town and Country Resort, 500 Hotel Circle, San Diego CA 92108. Please note that the hotel charges for receiving. Please contact them to get an estimate (619) 291-7131. The UPS store will have a booth at the show to assist you in shipping your items home. They will have all types of packing materials and boxes available.

If you have large shipments, please call our office so that we can give you directions on how to send a timed shipment. These shipments will need to ship to the Town and Country Resort and can only arrive on Thursday, June 27. We will receive palletized merchandise for you at no charge. Shipments not palletized will be subject to the hotel’s receiving charge (see above).

Hotel Accommodations

Response has been phenomenal! Even before official registration started, the room block at the Town and Country Resort was 100% full. The hotel continues to add rooms to the block as long as they have availability. If you have any problems booking a room, please let us know. You can also use the on-line reservation system at Airport shuttles are available through Super Shuttle. Details will follow on our web site so watch for the link coming soon.

BotCon Art Contests

Over $1,000 worth of prizes will be awarded! Each art contest will be judged by Hasbro designers and the winners will receive show dollars that they can spend with any dealer at the show. If you are planning to bring a display or contest entry, please contact us prior to June 1, to ensure that we have space allocated. All entries must be in place for judging by noon on Friday.

There are five different art contests:

• 3-D Custom Figure (space limited to 24” x 24”) – Prizes: 1st $100, 2nd $50, and 3rd $25. Contest is limited to ONE figure per entry, no teams or squads.

• Diorama (size limit: 48” x 30”, as many figures as you desire) – Prizes: 1st $125, 2nd $65, and 3rd $35.

• 2-D Computer Generated Art – Prizes: 1st $100, 2nd $50, and 3rd $25.

• 2-D Hand Drawn Art Color – Prizes: 1st $100, 2nd $50, and 3rd $25.

• 2-D Hand Drawn Art Black and White – Prizes: 1st $100, 2nd $50, and 3rd $25. (All 2-D entries must not be larger than 20” x 24” and not smaller than 8” x 10”. 2-D entries must be mounted on foam board or cardboard so that they can be hung on the wall. Please let us know by June 1, if you need to mount your entry at the convention so we can have the appropriate supplies available.

Entries must stay within the dimensions for the contest being entered. Oversized pieces will not be accepted. There is a limit of two entries per person, per contest and you must be present to enter. Please do not bring any entries that have won in past convention contests. All winners will be announced Saturday night at the Casino Night Awards Party! If you would like the judging criteria, please download it from

There will also be an area for kids to show their special Transformers displays. Each child is limited to one display that will fit inside a 24” x 24” space. Please let us know by June 1, if you are bringing a child’s display so that we can allocate space.

Special Guests/ Panels and Seminars

We are currently finalizing the guest list for this year’s show. Keep watching for the latest news! Our latest two guests are David Sobolov (Shockwave, Depthcharge) and James Horan (Wheeljack). Seminars and panels will be presented on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each seminar will last 50 minutes and seat approximately 1,000 people. Topics will cover everything Transformers …from collecting to discussions with Transformers voice actors to a roundtable for the Transformers Collectors’ Club. Of course, Hasbro will be on hand for their always popular panels. Watch for the official schedule.

Transformers Customizing Classes

Due to high demand, we are offering two different sessions of the Transformers Figure Customization class on two different days! That’s four classes total! These classes will be overseen by well known customizer, Shawn Tessman! Your class will take you through all of the intricacies of modifying, painting and assembling your new creations. Each participant will receive a never-assembled Transformers figure to customize! There will be two classes on Wednesday and two classes on Thursday, both are from 9am-5pm. In order to allow as many people as possible to take the class, you may only sign up for one session. Seating is limited to 30 per class. In addition, this year all Primus or GT Primus attendees will be able to pre-order an ASSEMBLED (unpainted, preassembled) version of the class kit. Assembled Class Figures are limited to ONE per registered attendee (not a souvenir/GT tripling not in effect). This will help those who want the class figure but don’t get into the class. You can be in the class and order one Assembled Class Figure per registered package ordered. Class (including unassembled Figure Kit) $120. Assembled Class Figure (unpainted) $75. Casino Night Awards Party

On Saturday night, we will be hosting the Casino Night Awards Party. This truly will be a fun and memorable evening. Evening attire is business casual, and dinner will be served at food stations throughout the venue.

Each Primus and Mini-Con will receive gaming coupons for play during the evening. More gaming coupons will be available for a donation to charity. Past party nights have raised several thousand dollars for charities such as Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, TX. Dealer Dinner passes are also available. Dealers who donate items will receive additional gaming coupons as well. Movie on the Lawn On Friday evening at dusk we will have a Transformers Movie Party on the lawn, drive -in style! Refreshments and snacks will be available for a nominal fee. The movie is free! Transformers Fan Film Extravaganza!

Send us your entry for our amateur Transformers film competition! Fans can submit their films of up to 6 minutes in length on DVD. All accepted submissions will be screened on Friday morning and the audience will vote for the winners.

Submitted films must feature Transformers in some form and maintain a G or PG rating as a style guide. Films will be shown to the public at the discretion of BotCon. BotCon reserves the right to not accept any film that does not meet the submission requirements. Submissions must be received no later than June 1, 2013. Please do not submit films that have been shown at past Transformers events or contests. The winners will receive show dollars that can be spent in the Exhibit Hall: First $200; Second $100; and Third $50. You must be present to win. For additional information, visit


Join us for MSTF! on Friday morning. It’s as much fun as a barrelof- monkeys, without the monkeys! Come celebrate the good natured ribbing of all things Transformers from cartoons to movies as your hosts parody the most outlandish themes and weirdness from the world of Transformers.

Sea World! Thursday June 27, 8:15 am – 5:00 pm Sea World takes you on a one-of-a-kind journey to the wonders that exist beyond the ocean’s door. A place where up-close encounters connect you to the energy, excitement and mystery of the sea and sea life. A world of fascinating days, captivating nights and exhilarating adventure. Don’t miss a great day at this San Diego, mainstay! Cost: Adults $90, Children (3-9) $83 (lunch on your own)

Convention Dress

For the Casino Night Awards Party, dress is business casual (shirts with collars, no T-shirts). Other convention dress should be in accordance with family values (children will be in attendance), so please, no vulgar or revealing attire or revealing costumes should be worn.

The Transformers Collectors’ Club Wants You!

We have spent many long hours planning and researching this event, with the hopes that you will have a terrific time. So, take time out of your busy schedule and bring your friends and family to this once-ina- lifetime weekend of Transformers fun. We want every member of the club to attend because this is your convention! If you are interested in helping to promote BotCon in your area (by handing out flyers/ brochures), please let us know.

*Convention Packages, guests, contents, activities, tours and quantities are subject to change without notice. All guests may not attend all activities. †Convention Packages are limited. BotCon® is a Registered Trademark of Fun Publications, Inc. Transformers® is a Registered Trademark of Hasbro, Inc


Hourly door prizes will be awarded at ten minutes to the hour while the Exhibit Hall is open. Prizes will include all types of Transformers figures and memorabilia. At 3:15 pm on Sunday, we will draw for two free trips to the 2014 Convention from the registered guests who have completed their evaluations (airfare up to $450 along with lodging, transfers and package). You must be present in the Exhibit Hall to win!

General Admission / General Admission Parking

General admission is available on both Saturday and Sunday. Costs (per day): $20/adults; Children $10 (4 & under are free). Hours: Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm; Sunday, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm. Early Bird admittance is available on Saturday beginning at 9 am. Cost is $60. Outdoor day parking is available at the hotel for $9 per day. You can also take the light rail to the Fashion Valley stop (Green Line) and just down the hill is the hotel.

Pre-Convention Tours

This year, we are offering two pre-convention tours. If you sign up for a tour or the Transformers Customizing class, you can pick up your registration materials on Wednesday night from 9:00 pm-9:30 pm. This means that you can be first in line for the souvenir figures offered on Thursday night. Sign-up today!

San Diego, SEAL, and Zoo Tour Wednesday June 26, 7:45 am – 6:00 pm Join us for a great day in San Diego! The Old Town Trolley will pick us up at the hotel in our private trolley for our day in San Diego. We will begin by taking a couple hours to see some of the historic sites and then we will go to the Sea Port Village where we will take the SEAL tour of harbor. We will drive right into the water for a 90 minute tour in our virtually unsinkable Hydra-Terras! After lunch on your own in the Sea Port Village, we will be off to the world famous San Diego Zoo for three hours of exploring on your own. Cost: Adults $120, Children (3-11) $110 (lunch on your own)

Transformers Collectors’ Club
225 Cattle Baron Parc Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76108
817.448.9863 Fax 817.448.9843
Visit for up-to-the-minute changes and additions.


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