Codename:New2Vero2 Reviews Marvel’s X-Men Issue #1!

Hey Gang, as you all know, the point of these videos is for others to share in the fun or rediscovering an old world we grew up in. X-Men was a BIG part of that World back in the 80s/early 90s. The 90s would see the X-men at the zenith of their popularity..

X-men #1 back in 1991 had a major impact on comics, pop culture, and the mainstream. It was the issue that had non-comic fans running to nearest comic store. With those BIG shoes to fill, does the 2019 X-Men #1 have any chance to measure up? In my opinion, no.

I struggled to read thru this new issue the 1st time. Afterwards, I found myself with a massive headache. A #1 is supposed to encourage reading and and buying future issues but I found myself with the dreaded one and done feeling. Marvel what have you done to our beloved X-Men.

Check out my full review in the player below land let me know your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP. As always you can see my latest videos by subscribing to my YouTube channel!


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