Darkstalkers ‘Felicia’ Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya!

Kotobukiya has opened pre-orders for their exciting new Street Fighter ‘Felisha‘ statue from the new Darkstalkers Bishoujo lineup. Felisha stands a little over 10″ tall. Priced at $139.99, this offering is slated for release in September of 2022. In the meantime, check out the photos, pre-order link, and more details below and share your thoughts!

Hobby manufacturing company, Kotobukiya (Tokyo, Japan), will release a BISHOUJO statue of FELICIA from DARKSTALKERS in September 2022.


Based on an original illustration by Shunya
Yamashita, the innocent and overwhelmingly cheerful catwoman from
Darkstalkers, Felicia is here!

Her squishy toe beans and fluffy fur show off the catwoman’s cute side, while her toned muscles and the sharp claws extending from her hands and feet give you a glimpse into her ferocious side. This detailed statue perfectly captures the character’s duality.

In addition to the usual BISHOUJO charm, this statue is a unique piece that is both adorable and deadly. Be sure to look forward to the next character coming to the series, Lilith!

Product Specifications

– Size: around 10.24” tall
– SRP: $139.99 (plus tax)
– Month of Release (in Japan): September 2022

Darkstalkers ‘Felicia’ Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya!


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