G. I. Joe Animated Series To Return As Kre-O?


With the massive success of the new G.I.Joe Kre-o line would Hasbro be interested in bringing G.I.Joe back to TV on the Hub with an all new series based on the Kre-o Line? Lets just say they seem to have something along these lines up their sleeves and we may hear a lot more about it at SDCC this summer. Check out the info below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: Collider)

Mr. Vogal was a name behind G. I. Joe: Renegades. He pioneered the teams behind G. I. Joe Renegades, Transformers: Prime and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. However, Renegades is no more. But “Is G. I. Joe gone for good from the tele?” it’s a question we all have as Joe fans.

At the interview when asked “Have you also tried to develop a KREO animated series?” Mike Vogel said…

“I think that does sound really interesting, and I can neither confirm or deny that there’s a presentation somewhere that shows exactly how we would do that, and that it would be super fun and exciting. But, I can say that it’s really funny.”

With the recent success of Kre-O, we may see G. I. Joe return as an Animated Series based on Kre-O. Only time can tell… but we may not have to wait that long. Mr. Vogal said they have big plans for this year’s San Diego Comic Con 2013.

“Oh, I think we started thinking about what we could show in San Diego about a month after we left San Diego last year. We definitely have some very cool plans for Comic-Con. We have some big news on some of our big brands coming out. I can’t say what it is because I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Comic-Con is a lot of fun for us. Hasbro has been upping their game significantly in the past few years, now that we have so much great entertainment, in addition to our great toys, and I think this year is going to be no different. We’re going to have some really, really cool stuff for the fans.”


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