G.I.Joe ‘AWE STRIKER’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Rolling right along, the end of the month of May is quickly closing in on us. Today I’m going to get into the 1985 G.I.Joe Awe Striker. This is such a great vehicle and has been used for countless repaints. I had the original as a kid and I had many great hours of play with it. I ended up trading mine to my best friend for a 1982 Vamp. I don’t regret it because both were just awesome.

I guess I had some nostalgia for the first Christmas that I got those original vehicles. We had a huge front yard that was sand my friend and I used to set up a sheet of plywood on sawhorses and filled it with the sand to build roads and hills. We had so much fun chasing each other with Vamp and Awe Striker. This is a versatile vehicle and just created so much fun. From the removable engine to the suspension this one was just awesome to have. I have an original and the 25th anniversary one in my collection, along with various other versions of this vehicle. I just love them all. Who else had the Awe Striker as a kid? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know. Make sure to check back for out next Joe discussion.

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