G.I.Joe ‘Cobra La’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Today I want to discuss what is, what was, and what should have been. The 1987 G.I. Joe movie introduced us to Cobra La. Me personally I love this movie. Back in the day we did get a nice 3 pack of Golobulus, Nemesis Enforcer, and the Royal Guard.

Golobulus looks like he got a spore tested on him, but this was one of my favorite figures from this 3 pack. He was a menacing villain and he had a perfect plan to finally take over the world, something Cobra Commander failed at many times. Next was Nemesis Enforcer who not only had super strength but could fly. Finally the Royal Guard which I thought and still think have an interesting look and a pretty cool weapon. We did get a very cool upgrade of Nemesis Enforcer in the modern style, but nothing of the other 2, I’m not sure why but maybe there will be a 35th Anniversary pack of these.

Now what should have been. Another mystery to me. Why there was no Pythona? This would have made an awesome original 3 pack, Pythona, Cobra Commander transforming to a snake, and another Royal Guard. They should have made single carded Guard as well or a 3 pack of them for troop building, maybe that wasn’t a thing back in 1987. Although we got a modern Pythona that was very cool, I couldn’t justify spending that much on 1 figure. I think both of these 3 packs would be awesome issued in O-ring and/or modern style at a reasonable retail price. Either way I would have loved to see more Cobra La. Who else loves Cobra La? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP, and be sure and check back tomorrow for the next discussion.


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