G.I.Joe ‘Cobra Trooper and Cobra Officer’ Story By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at two of the all time best original G.I.Joe characters that have had many multiple figures made of them, the Cobra Trooper and Officer. The original Cobra Trooper and Cobra Officer are really nice figures with his blue uniform, black masked face, and the Cobra emblem on his chest. G.I.Joe now had some one to defend the world from. Although there have been countless trooper upgrades such as Crimson Guards, Vipers, and Iron Grenadiers, who are all great, the original trooper has stayed popular over the years.

This has been a fun one to army build in the modern style figure and the originals I do have are special to me. I’m sure you have heard the old Christmas story when I got the trooper and the kid ahead got Spirit, part of why I started collecting to begin with. I do still have the head of this figure but the rest of him must have been destroyed so I customized him a body. The modern troopers are great there are several modern versions including several 2007 & 2008 versions, the 2013 Dollar General version, which was great for army building, and the 2021 version which is quite nice in hand.

Over all the sometimes baffling buffoons, are down right can’t hit the broad side of Flagg laughable, but they are always there and always pose a threat when the Joe team is trying to stop one of Cobra Commander’s take over the world schemes. There have been some 12 inch figures over the years including this really cool 2008 version that I added a walkie talkie with an ear phone for some added coolness and the New 6 inch is pretty sweet.

Over all this is a solid figure and always is nice to see them still creating new Cobra Trooper figures. Who loves the Cobra Trooper? Who had one as a kid? Which version is your favorite? Does anyone army build these? Sound off below and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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