G.I.Joe: Snake Eyes Plot Points Revealed!

Thanks to Thathashtagshow.com we have some interesting details about the storyline for G.I.Joe: Snake Eyes!

If this is accurate… It will be a complete reboot of anything we know.

It was recently reported that Ray Park, who played Snake Eyes in the two previous GI Joe films, would not be returning for the origin film as the studio is looking for a younger actor, preferably someone in their early twenties. When we meet this new, younger Snake Eyes, it’ll be as a street fighter in Peru. Driven by the desire to avenge the death of his father, Snake Eyes is apparently a man on the move until he ends up in Japan, where he and his best friend, Tommy, aka Storm Shadow, will begin their training with the Arashikage Clan. The film will see at least 3 of the clan’s legendary masters as they train Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow as Hard Master, Soft Master and Blind Master are all set to appear. Also present at the Arashikage compound is the film’s female lead, Akita. In comic continuity, Junko Akita was an apprentice and lover of Storm Shadow; here she is the head of security and will be a love interest for Snake Eyes.

Of course if it’s a GI Joe movie, Cobra must somehow be present and in this instance their presence is made manifest in what appears to be a character created for the film: Kenta. Kenta is revealed to Storm Shadow’s brother who has long since left his family, the Arashikage, and joined with a rival ninja clan, the Kurayami. It is Kenta who attempts to lure Snake Eyes away from the Arashikage and into a terrorist plot being devised by Cobra. We won’t delve too deeply into spoiler territory here, but we can see what side of things Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow will take and this film certainly seems to set the stage for one of the great comic book rivalries.
Snake Eyes will feature an almost entirely Asian cast (Snake Eyes being one obvious exception), featuring at least 9 lead and supporting roles for which they are only seeking Asian talent. Director Robert Schwentke is currently in talks to helm the project and should things work out between the two sides, we could expect casting to begin shortly after business resumes in Hollywood in 2019.

Snake Eyes is a street fighter seeking revenge for the death of his father, not a soldier. Tommy begins his training with Snake Eyes and is not already a member of the Arashikage by blood?

Hard Master
Soft Master 
Blind Master (Rza makes a second appearance?)

New characters:
Akita see Master and Apprentice http://gijoe.wikia.com/wiki/Junko_Akita
Kenta member of clan Kurayami (Darkness)

Does this sound like the Snake Eyes movie you were hoping for? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!


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