G.I.Joe ‘Tripwire’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. 1982 was a successful year for the launch of the new 3-3/4 inch line of the classic G.I. Joe 12 inch line. The world was changing and one of the greatest decades in our time was taking shape. The success of 1982 paved the road for the special crew who would create an unbelievable franchise over the decade. 1983 was a creative year and we got some awesome figures, characters, comics, and cartoons. I had very few of the early Joes but Tripwire was one of my favorite characters.

He is a mine sweeper so he is up front protecting his squad and at the same time putting his life on the line first. I loved his look in the cartoon and in the comics even though I did not get my hands on many comics as a kid. The original Tripwire is a great looking figure and comes with the mine sweep and mines to put down to search for. There have been some upgrades including the red Listen n fun which I’m not sure this was a big success, a Tiger Force which is cool, and my favorite the 2008 modern version.

This figure really pops and they nailed the original 100%. He comes with the yellow desert container for the M.A.S.S. Device as well. This is also a great figure to customize or use parts to customize if you are into that. I would love to see a 6 inch version with a removable helmet but that may take a few years for that to come to fruition. Over all this is a great early character who has remained strong through the years. Who is a fan of Tripwire? Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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