Get the Skinny on Kingsman 2: Golden Circle *SPOILERS*!

I liked the Kingsman 2 Golden Circle. No seriously I did.
You won’t think so after this review though. There are spoilers ahead aplenty.

The Kingsman are destroyed. Even the dog ain’t safe.
All that remains are Eggsy and Merlin. They follow the “doomsday” protocol.
This leads them to the United States version of the Kingsman the Statesmen.
The Statesmen are all named after booze. Ha Ha.

Tequila, Whiskey, Champagne (call him Champ) Ginger Ale
Those cheeky Americans! If you don’t like Channing Tatum don’t worry, he has little screen time. If you do like him, well he has a couple Magic Mike moments for you.
Galahad returns but he is not himself, he wants to chase butterflies.
Elton John, has a couple funny moments.

I think it is pretty sad that Jane Goldman chose to incorporate a bunch of messages in this one. Even sadder that people don’t see anything wrong with this.
The “innocent” victims in this film are harmless drug users. The ones who rely on drugs for noncriminal things. Personally I think that having a blue rash as a side effect of drug use is a good thing and the manufacturers of poison should incorporate it into the mix immediately. I would love to have an identfying mark on people I want nothing to do with.

It is a mixed message with a weak “kids you should not do drugs” unless message tacked on.At the end the pothead says “ I am never going to touch that again” it is a joke, because see we know he will. Cause he is weak. Elton John, teehee gets a Golden Circle member (Angel) killed that gave him some drugs that made him get the blue rash. Angel, gets eaten by the robot dogs.

Let me back up.
Poppy is a druglord who likes the fifties and Elton John.
She comes up with the brilliant idea of putting poison in the uhh… poison she peddles.
Any drug user gets a blue rash in stage one, goes looney in stage two, suffers paralysis in stage three, and in stage four their eyes pop and they die.
Sounds good to me. Sure kill all your customers. That is a good way to do business.

Her plan though is to hold these people hostage, forcing the U.S. President to bypass the UN and have him pass legislation legalizing drugs. If the United States does it the world would follow.  That is logical I guess. Except the President is OK with it. Let them die he decrees, despite the protests of his Chief of Staff Fox, she tries to have him show empathy for these innocent people. She is of course, a junkie herself and she blames the President for this. Having her work 20 hours a day and she needs a boost to maintain. 

Sounds like an excuse to me.

Fox then shows the Blue Rash and the President has her sent to a treatment center which is actually just a bunch of cages in a football stadium.
Later though, she winds up President after he is impeached. I mean of course she does.
In typical Hollywood fashion, drug use is shown as normal and there is a strong message to legalize drugs in this film. Everyone is doing them so it must be ok.
I have to side with the evil in this case. Yep I was rooting for the bad guys to win.
Poppy herself has no tolerance for people who sample her merchandise.
She kills them. In fact the weapon used to kill her? Heroin tainted with her own concoction. Bad guy Charlie warns his girlfriend not to use drugs, she does anyway and is infected.

We are supposed to feel sorry for her?
Whiskey is a great character but he is misguided because his fiancee was killed in a drug related shooting and now he has no sympathy for junkies. Drug use at Glastonberry is accepted. The Princess lighting up a joint is ok. But oh no! now Eggsy has to save her too! We also have to save Channing Tatum because guess what? he is a user and wound up infected. The bad guys in the movie are anti drug. Yes you heard me, the bad guys are anti drug and the good guys think drugs are bad but forgivable.
The good guys have to take down the drug lord, her troops, an anti drug member of the Statesmen and the President. There is even a mocking scene at the end praising alcohol and telling Tequilla to wink wink, lay off anything but whiskey.

This movie has a bad message. It was rated R but there were kids all over the theater today. I was surprised because the kids liked it. Heard one kid behind me say “That was a good movie.” Technical merit for the movie I give them five stars.
But because of the script and the messages embedded, I give it an overall two stars.

Lay off the political messages Hollywood. Entertain us. Don’t try to influence us.

What did you think of  Kingsman: Golden Circle? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!



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