Get The Skinny on Stranger Things 2

The first Stranger Things was a phenomenon, it grabbed everybody and shook them upside down. Barb became a cult icon. Eleven was the most cosplayed preteen at any convention, frozen Eggo waffles were on everyone’s menu, and Eighties references were multiple.

Imagine you were a writer or creator of this universe. Suddenly your little eighties homage that mixed Stand By Me with Aliens and Poltergeist and a whole slew of other things is the hottest streaming show on the internet.
Now you have to do a follow up. You have to capture that lightning in a bottle again. Instead of going off on some tangent and flipping everything, Stranger Things stuck with the formula that worked so well.

They succeeded in recapturing the lightning. New characters joined the cast and fit right in. The story is so well woven that everything makes sense. The thing about Stranger Things is it is not the monster in the story that is the best part. The thing is, it is about kids in the eighties growing up. They just happen to have a little bit different neighbor.

Set firmly in 1984 anyone in their forties will instantly recognize and probably tear up or smile at the soundtrack. They picked some good tunes my friend. Even a little town like Hawkins, or the one where I grew up had an arcade. Those memories came flooding back of all the quarters pumped into those machines.

Not to spoil everything here but speaking of Aliens, Paul Reiser does a great job. As does Sean Astin and the other new cast members.
I think the thing about Stranger Things is that when you see these new characters you don’t know what side they will end up being on. Something we saw in the first season. You have to pay attention because there are five stories weaving into one finale to keep your attention for nine hours.

Each character has their own arc. Each character gets to shine. You are going to cry, you are going to laugh, and you are going to get tons of nostalgic tinglings. You are also going to need nine hours set aside because you ain’t going to be able to stop watching.

Now go Netflix and Chill y’all. After that, MAKE THE JUMP to the forum and join in the conversation!

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