Halloween Special Edition: Talk with AlliZ Cosplay

Welcome back Ghouls and Ghosts to another Halloween Special edition interview. All Halloween long, I bring you new and exciting cosplayers who are hauntingly beautiful as well as a master cosplay craftsman. My next guest interview is no exception. Living on the east coast of the United States, this former athlete swimmer now spends all of her time on dry land with glue guns in hand while the sounds of an overworked sewing machine run in the background. Her name is Alli-ZCosplay or better known to her friends as Allison. She has the gift of bringing fantasy characters to come to life and is our next exclusive interview. So raise the dead and welcome my next guest, Alli-ZCosplay, to this Halloween Special edition series where the children of the night are very pleased to meet her. 

Raven: Hello AlliZ Cosplay. Thank you so much for allowing my readers and I to know more about you, your artistry, and your love for imaginative cosplay construction.

AlliZ: Thank you for having me. I can’t wait to answer these questions!

Raven: As you may or may not know before I begin to ask you my list of questions, I offer some words of advice, a ballad of encouragement when you find yourself at crossroads during your career, and in today’s world we all need some inspirational words to make it through all this. So here goes, Next time someone says, “No Offense” after they have insulted you. Beat the crap out of them and say to them, “No harm done.”

Raven: Now before all the Halloween candy is all gone, please Alli-Z tell everyone about yourself.

AlliZ: -So this is the part where I tell you all the little things about myself.  I go by AlliZ Cosplay or Alli-Z or even just Alli. I’m an American, I live on the east coast of the USA, currently just outside of New York City.  I’m a Libra October baby (fitting for the timing of this interview). I’m ambidextrous – but not in the way where I’m good at everything – more so in the way where I have 2 left hands (lucky me). 

Raven: I know what you mean. I have two left eyeballs.

Raven: From what I’ve seen, the animals seem to love you. Are you a pet lover?

AlliZ: I am obsessed with animals to the point where I’m one of the people that screech when I see someone with a dog in public. 

Raven: What is Alli-ZCosplay’s biggest Pet Peeve?

AlliZ: My biggest pet peeve is when people do not put their first name in their Instagram – like please, help me know you so I feel less like an asshole when we meet in person after we have been talking for a year and I STILL don’t know your real name.  

Raven: What sort of sexy creature would Alli-Z transform into, a werewolf or a vampire?

AlliZ: I would be the sarcastic devil that was summoned and is annoyed at being there.

Raven: For this Halloween, what sort of cosplay costume are you going to dress for all those trick or treaters that will be attending at your front door?

AlliZ: For Halloween this year, I’ll be my little rendition of pumpkin head- Jack (SUPER proud of my pumpkin build – please go check it out).  

Raven: Inquiring minds want to know. Are you always Horny?

AlliZ: Am I always Horny? Well – I do always seem to be simp real hard for one of my anime husbandos (it’s like your fictional crush, for others, it might be a waifu). We love our Yaoi and Shojo genres of Anime, let’s just say that.

Raven: Is there a special talent that no one knows about you and are you willing to share that with us?

AlliZ: My special talent that everyone knows about is that I am a pretty bossy swimmer. I’m pretty sure I could run over Jason Mamoa in the water. I don’t have any performance type of talents, but I’ve been told my resourcefulness is at a crazy level.  I’m pretty good at using whatever I can find to complete some of my cosplays.  A good example of this is my Venom costume.  The entire costume is made of hot glue. 

Raven: You must have brought out the store of glue-sticks.

Raven: Do you speak or write any languages that you are conscious of? 

AlliZ: I’m not bi-lingual but I am trying to slowly learn Japanese.  

Raven: What would be a weapon of choice to defend yourself during a Zombie Apocalypse at your local Walmart store?

Alli-Z: Doesn’t Walmart sell guns? I’d stockpile some Alcohol for trade.

Raven: What sort of emotions run through your mind when attending a Big Comic-Con?

AlliZ: It’s funny you asked about my emotions when attending a big con – I am usually excited, but also nervous because I’m usually wearing a cosplay for the first time, trying to anticipate things I need, things that may break, how long I’ll be able to wear it.  A lot of planning goes into big cons/ big reveals. In turn, these big cons are kind of what feeds my energy and my motivation to keep doing this.  

Raven: What makes you happy? 

AlliZ: I’m not going to be shy about saying that showing off a costume I spent hours on feels good.  It’s a really big payoff, and something I always look forward to. 

Raven:  A little bird told me that you are an Anime Fanatic. What sort of Anime/Manga or graphic novel do you find indulging yourself with?

AlliZ: YES! I watch so much Anime. I watch pretty much all genres but particular to shonen, shojo & thrillers. I don’t seek out ecchi, but I will watch Yaoi’s (boy love) as I’ve mentioned before. 

Raven: Who would be an interesting conversation while stuck in an elevator? Michael Myers, Friday the 13th Jason, Freddy Krueger, or R’ Kelly?

AlliZ: Daddy Michael Myers

Raven: What sort of photography do you do, besides cosplaying? 

AlliZ: I’m not a photographer (yet) – but I’ve looked into it.  Photography is such an expensive hobby, and I’m already doing cosplay which is extremely expensive as well.  I might start taking my own photos as I develop my career. 

Raven: Were you a shy or outgoing young girl growing up? 

AlliZ: I think I’ve always been an introverted extrovert my entire life. I say that because if there is another extrovert in the room, my personality is going to be reserved and I’m going to let that person run the conversation. However, among my closest friends and even other introverts, I do take more of a leadership role. 

Raven: How did you get started doing cosplaying? 

AlliZ: I got started cosplaying from a cosplay appreciation perspective. I started in 2015, once I realized that the people who were dressed up as my favorite characters were making it themselves and showing it off at cons, I attended my first NYCC just to go see them.  I dressed up to “live” in the moment, and I’ve just kept doing it ever since. 

Raven: Who would Alli-Z Cosplay give a real-life Chucky Doll this Halloween?

AlliZ: Donald Trump

Raven: Did you do it for the artistry, the lucrative commissions, or did someone dare you? 

AlliZ: I continue to cosplay for the artistry, and It also gives me personal goals to work towards now that I’m no longer a full-time athlete. 

Raven: Yeah!!!

Raven: As a young beautiful woman, what sort of Nerdy or Geeky things you did as a child?

AlliZ: I don’t think I was qualified to be called a “nerd” growing up.  I was into a lot of Marvel / DC and even Sci-fi fandoms, but I was more-so classified as a “jock” because my entire life revolved around swimming. I’ve been able to indulge more in my “nerd” fandoms as my swimming career has come to an end, i.e. watching more anime, getting involved at cons, etc.

Raven: How have your cosplaying skills matured over the years? 

AlliZ: I’ve been cosplaying for almost 6 years now, and I was just joking with my family about how much better I’ve gotten at cosplaying. I’ve learned so many new skills just doing this including makeup/modeling, which helps from the social media perspective, and in terms of craft, I can do wigs, needlework, armor, and even some minor SFX work. 

Raven: During a science experiment explosion, you became a 50 ft. tall woman. What would you step on? 

AlliZ: LOL, you say this like I don’t already accidentally step on people. #tallpeopleproblems

Raven: What is currently the number of cosplay outfits and or wigs do you own? 

AlliZ: I think I own probably 15 costumes, but I’m willing to wear maybe 5 of them. 

Raven: What sort of cosplay wear is your most favorite?

AlliZ: My favorite is Sarada because it’s comfortable, it’s from the Naruto/Bortuo fandom which is close to my heart, everyone loves it, and it’s somewhat of an original cosplay since it is based on the concept. 

Raven: Does your modeling experience play a big part in portraying the characters?

AlliZ: I will say modeling experience helps with cosplay – you feel more confident because you know what you’re doing. I don’t think I’m a professional model.  I’d say the skill level I have now comes from photographers who are willing to let me see the entire set of photos we’ve taken.  I’m able to review my poses and identify what works and what doesn’t, and also see what my bad habits are. That allows me to be more successful in my poses when I meet with someone to take photos. 

AlliZ: On the flip side, I usually know & love the character I’m portraying, so I know exactly what type of vibe I want to portray in the photos. I don’t usually go to photoshoots without an idea of what I want the photos to look like. 

Raven: Do the characters you portray a reflection of your personality or Is it the personality of the characters you want to become?

AlliZ: Most of the time I will only cosplay characters that I like. I rarely participate in group cosplays and fill character gaps- because I see that as a waste of time and money if I don’t even like who I’m dressing up as. 

Raven: What characters are you most drawn to cosplay?

AlliZ: I’m drawn towards either powerful characters or funny/memorable ones. I won’t cosplay children because I’m a 6 foot + human being, and it would feel weird. I would just say that I cosplay to characters I’m attracted to, and that includes personality and costume design. The character doesn’t have to be popular – I’m perfectly fine with cosplaying a character no one recognizes. 

Raven: Is there a scary film that will always make Alli-Z cringe with fear?

AlliZ: The Shining

Raven: Have you ever done or will do any characters that are outside your comfort zone, for example, gothic, cute-innocent characters, or something else?

AlliZ: I cosplay a lot of male characters because I’m unwilling to be a less-cool, female sidekick type of character (and that’s on old school character writing). That’s also the same reason I do a lot of Anime. Anime has more variety and in my opinion more complex character personalities. 

Raven: Should cosplayers only select characters that best compliments their body type (Skinny Large, or In-between) or just go with the flow?

AlliZ: I don’t think people should only cosplay what “works” with their race/body type because that makes cosplay not fun. People should be able to cosplay whoever they want, and whether they are an accurate portrayal or not is no one’s business. I’ve always considered cosplay to be an artistic portrayal, not a look-alike contest.

Raven: As a model and cosplayer, commission work is always welcome. Is there any profit to be made doing Lewd, Spicy, or Fan Only photos/videos? 

AlliZ: -There is absolutely money to be made on lewd/spicy cosplay content and I am in full support of people getting the bag.  

Raven:  Should cosplayers do this side of cosplaying for profit or for artistry?

AlliZ: I don’t think their decision to make money should reflect on them morally as human beings. The only reason I currently don’t sell lewds on a Patreon or OnlyFans is that my focus is on the craft.

Raven: Would you consider doing Lewd/ Fan Only requests?

AlliZ: I’ve thought a lot about it and I think if I made this a business I would start creating content catered to what my fans want and not to what I want to make. I’m worried a move like that would make cosplay less fun for me, and this is currently my happy place. 

AlliZ: It’s very tempting to do lewds because I have spent well over 1K on multiple different cosplays and… it hurts, but I think this is the best course of action for me. But if anyone wants to do lewds, “GET THAT BAG!”

Raven: Can you carve a creative Jack O’lantern?

AlliZ: Boiiii, you should see my latest cosplay.

Raven: In one of your photos, you were posing your Atlantian attire with Aquaman, Jason Mamoa. Did he say anything about your outfit?

AlliZ: My photo with Jason Mamoa dipping me was a pretty epic life event, not going to lie. He didn’t say anything about my costume, but I did see his face change into a giant smile when he saw it so that was good enough for me. 

Raven: Did you give him a little squeeze from you ( I’m fan jizzing here)? 

AlliZ:  I mostly blacked out during the photo, but I do remember he… felt fit? Ew, that sounds creepy.  He was really sweet, he wanted to see the photo himself and gave me a high-five for it. 

Raven: If a celebrity star, who was a vampire, suck your blood. What celebrity would it be?

AlliZ: Jason Mamoa is on the hall pass list.

Raven: Do you prefer your photoshoots to be on location or in a studio? 

AlliZ: I like doing location shoots because they offer more creativity. Studio shoots aren’t my thing. Give me any sort of outdoor backdrop and I’ll work it until there are no spots left without a photo.  

Raven: Your one photo of you wearing a black flowing gown, which I fell in love with, compare that with doing Venom. Were both as difficult as well as tedious to prepare?

AlliZ: The photo in the black gown was my Yuri-on-Ice formal gender-bend cosplay which I wore to the met-gala at KatsuCon this year. That was my first ever gown and the sewing drove me crazy. I spent days planning out in my head how I could position the fabric on the skirt to hang just the way I wanted. 

Raven: And for the Venom costume one?

AlliZ: The venom costume is one of my more cracked-out costumes where I sort of just started doing things without much planning and it worked. The entire costume is made of glue – I’m hoping to release a tutorial soon which can better explain my thought process… or lack thereof.  

Raven: Does the Dybbuk box make a great wedding gift? 

 AlliZ: Foul – although I would still drink the wine.

Raven: What sort of future plans does Alli-ZCosplay have in store for us? Will it break the internet?

AlliZ: For the future- expect more armor, more lights, more original designs. I think the internet will approve.

Raven: I will be on the look-out for it!

Raven: That’s it. This Haunted House is closed. Thank you AlliZ Cosplay, your interview is in Tha Books! I found your interview to be a wonderfully Ghoulish experience. 

AlliZ: Thank you for having me. It was so bloody-fun to do it. 

Raven: If I could ask you one more question and ask where can people find more of AlliZ Cosplay? 

Alli-Z: You sure can get more of me at this site: https://linktr.ee/allizcosplay

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