Impossible Toys Legends Style Not G1 Bumblejumper, Glyph!

Impossible Toys Revealed Legends Style Not G1 Bumblejumper, Glyph, More - Closing Update Image (3)__scaled_600

Coming from Impossible Toys is giving us some great legends style figures of G1 Bumblebee, Glyph, and more. Check out the full skinny on these figures below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


Impossible toys have released some new images that reveal their last project. Seems they have Legends size Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, a Yellow Cliffjumper, Bumper, Glyph, Goldbug, Tap-Out and Wasp in the works. There is also someone who looks like Bumblebee but colored like Rosanna??? They have also posted a follow up to their announcement about closing down at the end of the year.

Thanks to all for the emails showing your support it is appreciated. Also we were made aware of the comments made on certain sites positive and not so positive. We are sorry we could not go in the direction some of you wanted but we tried our best to stay true to what we like, Did we make mistakes yes but we started out just trying to make things as fans we like and thought other fans might also like some obscure characters that would never be made, Making toys is not as easy as some might think and us being the first 3rd party company to make a entire new figure we were bound to make mistakes along the way, But its good other groups can learn from our mistakes on what fans want. Our products are made to tie in with G1 collections and when making them we wanted fans to put our toys on a G1 display and have them fit well, Todays toys look very different and that is the direction other groups take but we wanted to stay true to G1. To answer your questions on the Tetra Squadron toys head and legs is simple. The toys were already made before we announced them, The legs we could not make longer because it would not allow the toy to transform correct and allow for stability in robot form. Also we added picture below of our last releases that we will try our best to release, I am sure you can tell who the toys are. Also we will try to fill the preorders on the Tetra Squadron and Allicon toys that have been placed prior to the next few weeks with what stock there will be left. We will do our best to continue reply to all of your emails as fast as we can.


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