Leaked Images Of Robocop 2014 Toys


Today we have a look at the next take on the 80’s legend Robocop. Check out the toys that will be coming in 2014 to support the Robocop Reboot and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source Toyark)

Spanish online store Kanpekisetto has posted, what I believe, is the very first images of the toys and merchandise for the upcoming Robocop 2014 reboot. They are listed as being produced by Jada Toys. Looks like the main line will be a 4″ action figure line. It includes three different version of Robocop, with version 1.0 resembling the classic Robocop look. Included are the following:

• Robocop 12″ Action Figure
• Robocop 1.0, Robocop 2.0, Robocop 3.0 4″ Action Figures
• Robocop 3.0 6″ Action Figure
• Robocop Role Play Helmet
• Robocop Role Play Chest Plate
• Robocop 3.0 – Radio Controlled Motorcycle
• Robocop 3.0 4″ Action Figure Motorcycle


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