Look at The Next Wave of Mattel’s DC Multiverse Figures!


Thanks to Entertainment Earth we have an early look at the next wave of DC Comics Multiverse Figures. These are some of the nicest DC related figures to come down the pipe in a while. Check out the images on them below and let us know what you think AFTER THE JUMP!

(Source: actionfigureinsider)

Back in November we broke the news of a potential 1966 Batman in Mattel’s DC Multiverse 4″ line. At that time we were able to get confirmation from the Mattel retail side that something was coming… we just didn’t know what at that time. Our speculation was that the figure wouldn’t be a true Adam West 66 Batman figure, but rather a figure based on the downloadable “skin” of the 66 Batman that could be played in the Batman: Arkham Origins video game.

Now, thanks to our friends at EntertainmentEarth.com we see that our speculation was correct, that the figure IS based on the Batman Arkham Origins skin, but we also get a look at two other figures in that wave, Deathstroke… and what EE is calling “Batman Beyond” but there WAS a true Batman Beyond skin also available in the game. The figure they show looks more like Batman in his Arctic/Freeze armor from the game. I suspect the figure shown will have a different name… and we might also really be getting a Batman Beyond “skin” figure in a future assortment.

The figures below should be hitting around February of 2015.

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