McFarlane Toys Target Exclusive Batman 66 Wayne Manor Library and Batboat!

McFarlane Toys has released photos and details for the exciting new 1966 Batman Wayne Manor Library Play Set, and the Batboat. These 6″ scale offerings are available only at Target. The Wayne Manor Library stands at 12″ tall, and 11″ wide. It includes a desk, a Shakespeare bust, a dresser, a chair, a phone, a lamp, and a sliding bookshelf to reveal the entrance to the Bat Cave. The Batboat measure 12″ in length, and can fit two figures. Priced at $34.99 each. They are scheduled for release on April 16th. Pre-order links, details, and photos can be seen below.

McFarlane Toys DC Retro Batman 66 – Wayne Manor Library (Target Exclusive)

Stately WAYNE MANOR™ is the luxurious home of millionaire playboy BRUCE WAYNE™ and his faithful ward DICK GRAYSON™. When trouble strikes, BRUCE and DICK become the heroic BATMAN™ and ROBIN™, a secret known only to their dutiful butler, ALFRED PENNYWORTH™. GOTHAM CITY™ police commissioner JIM GORDON™ contacts BATMAN directly using the red “BAT-PHONE,” hidden in BRUCE’S private library. When the “BAT-PHONE” flashes and beeps, ALFRED answers COMMISSIONER GORDON’S call for assistance and alerts BRUCE and DICK. Activating a button hidden in the bust of William Shakespeare, BRUCE reveals the secret entrance to the BATCAVE™, concealed behind the bookcase. The DYNAMIC DUO™ slide down the ”Bat-poles” to the BATCAVE, ready to bring justice to GOTHAM CITY!


McFarlane Toys DC Retro Batman 66 – Batboat (Target Exclusive)

BATMAN™ and ROBIN™ operate from the large caverns below stately WAYNE MANOR™. They are constantly developing new technologies, vehicles and weapons to aid in their never-ending crusade against crime in GOTHAM CITY™. Whether by land, air or sea the CAPED CRUSADERS are always prepared to deliver justice. After pulling off a $10 million counterfeit heist, THE ARCHER™ and his gang of “merry malefactors” head for their getaway boat, planning to take their loot safely to Switzerland. The DYNAMIC DUO™ set off in the BATBOAT™ to prevent the villains’ escape.

McFarlane Toys Target Exclusive Batman 66 Wayne Manor Library and Batboat!


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