Mike Myers reprises ‘Dr Evil’ character on SNL!


There is nothing more delightful than seeing some of the old cast of SNL make a visit and reprise one of the classic roles that made them famous. Mike Meyers stopped by and brought back the legendary ‘Dr. Evil‘. Check out the gag below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

(Source: Screencrush)

Last night’s ‘SNL’ opened with a strange treat, made all the more interesting because we had no idea we actually wanted it. For the first time in over a decade, Mike Myers returned to the character of Dr. Evil, using the stage to directly talk to North Korea and Kim Jong-un, from one supervillain to another.

As you may recall, Myers seemingly wore out this character completely with 2003’s ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember,’ so we were as surprised as anyone to actually be excited when this James Bond villain/Lorne Michaels parody reared his bald head. It was also great to see Myers himself (who has entered a state of semi-retirment since 2008) return to the ‘SNL’ stage, where he got his start a few decades ago. Honestly, the sketch doesn’t have a lot going for it, with Dr. Evil trotting out all of his old jokes to take some potshots at the Sony hacking scandal, but it’s weirdly comforting to see Myers acting again. Heck, he even makes a pretty pointed joke about ‘The Love Guru,’ so we can actually forgive him for that debacle now.

Of special note, the sketch actually opens with Taran Killam playing British singer Sam Smith in an impression that, like so much of Killam’s work, is jaw-dropping. Don’t let the return of Myers distract you from that!



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