NBC Brings back “Hero’s” With something Special for the Fans


Not only is NBC bringing back Hero’s but they are giving the fans a special treat with a series of digital episodes that bring the fans up to date for the gap in the story line from when the showed originally stopped airing to when it starts back up with the 13 Episodes of Hero’s Reborn. Check out more on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

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NBC shocked us all with the surprise announcement that former sci-fi hit Heroes would be coming back to life via a new miniseries. Now it sounds like we’ll also be getting a prequel.

The network is ramping up a whole slate of new digital content, and one of the flagship projects will be an online prequel series that will bridge the gap between the 2006-2010 Heroes series and the upcoming 13-episode Heroes Reborn miniseries.

The digital series will be produced by Heroes creator Tim Kring, and considering the network’s big push into digital, it should at least have a decent budget and (hopefully) provide some meaningful content that’s not just filler.

Considering that the plot of the 2015 miniseries is shrouded in mystery, there’s no telling what the plot of the digital series will actually be about. But if it’s connecting the original series to the new run, that opens up all kinds of options for returning stars and plot lines.

What would you like to see from the digital series?


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