New Combiner Wars Optimus In-Hand Gallery!


Continuing in our latest theme of bringing you an early look at the epic upcoming Transformers Combiner Wars figures, today we have a detailed look at the main man himself Optimus Prime. Check out the full compliment of images for the new Combiner Wars Optimus Prime below and let us know if you think it stacks up with previous iterations after the JUMP!


Blacklai’s still running at full steam, and today he’s published all at once a photoset showing off Combiner Wars Voyager Optimus Prime and his combined form of Ultra Prime. We have just a few hours earlier seen our first direct look at Ultra Prime, but thanks to these photos we’ve now got better, clearer looks at the details of this toy. From here we’ll have to wait and see if Blacklai has any surprises left for us, but in the meantime head on in and check out the pictures!


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