New IDW G.I.Joe Black Label sneak peek


Robert Atkins is working on art for a new Black label series from IDW Limited. Check out more on this below then join in the discussion after the JUMP!

IDW is doing limited edition books that collect the GI JOE run I was a part of. The books are high dollar collector items and with each book I’m doing an original art sketch plate.

There are two levels of books. A black label book will have a single character inked sketch. The Blue label books will have two characters with full marker colored sketches. I’m working through the black label sketches first. I have a number of Snake Eyes that I’m required to do (which I’m always happy to draw SE) So that’s cool. This is the version that I designed of Snake Eyes for the current IDW comic books. I’m sure I’m biased, but it’s my favorite to draw. The sketch plate drawing area is only about 5×7.

IDW Signature Plates GI JOE Snake Eyes by *RobertAtkins on deviantART
IDW Signature Plates Snake Eyes V1 by *RobertAtkins on deviantART
IDW Signature Plates Resolute Snake Eyes by *RobertAtkins on deviantART
IDW Signature Plate Snake Eyes by *RobertAtkins on deviantART






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