New Mold Masterpiece ‘Skywarp’ Coming!


Before you ask this is not a ‘brand new’ mold for the upcoming Masterpiece Skywarp. What it is though, is an updated mold from the previous Masterpiece Skywarp figure released in the US. For all the details on what you can expect from this figure, check out the info below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


Hasbro Asia has released images of some new releases due at the end of the year. First is a Human Alliance 2-pack of Barricade and the Unreleased-in-the-USA Soundwave due in December 2014- but likely more exciting to most is MP-11SW Skywarp, due in January 2015! Unlike the US release from many years back, this is the revised Seeker mold from MP-11 Starscream that recently saw use in a US release as Acid Storm.


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