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Society is in Perpetual Motion

The world is in perpetual motion. The galaxy, the stars, the planets, the sun and moon, the wind, the ocean, the lithosphere, the blood in our veins, our hearts, and our brains. Society today is very busy. The days of grandma quilting blankets and grandpa sitting on the front porch chewing tobacco and watching the cars go by have long past. Now a good many grandparents are chasing their grandkids while both parents are at work, it might not be a bad thing though keeping active is key to fighting off sickness and old age. This generation though seems to be much busier . I’m not sure if it’s the electronic explosion or what, but how many of us go and sit and listen to waves crash and think? How many of us sit by the campfire and leave their phones inside anymore? I’m not bashing electronics, the flow of info is great and connecting with people thousands of miles away, old friends, family members, some people we may not have met otherwise such as people on this forum.

I’m simply saying that the world is moving at a very rapid pace and I think we should find time to get back to a more solid structure. Eat dinner as a family, play board games, get a game of backyard kickball going, visit with your Aunts, great uncles, and Grandparents if they are still around. The older generation has a lot of use and knowledge to pass on. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit around on a Saturday with your kids and watch TV, play video games, or build with Legos. So don’t let the Perpetual catapult send you into regretting in the future, slow down and take time to enjoy the people around you. Time is not going to stop or even slow. We as people are the only ones who can take a step back, look around, and make sure we are living life to its fullest.

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