POWER CON 2021 Exclusives Revealed!

Who said con season was dead for 2021 right? It looks like this years Power Con is going to be hitting a home run with their upcoming MOTU exclusives. Mattel has released photos and details for the upcoming offerings that are sure to be a hit with any Masters of The Universe Collector. Check out the details and the photos below and let us know which you would like to pick up!

MOTU Origins: Horde Multi-Pack
$150.00 each plus S/H
Nothing can stop the Evil Horde, and that goes for their awesome figure variants. This MOTU Origins 4-Pack will contain blue-skinned Hordak, dark Grizzlor, a crimson Horde Trooper, and a shadow Horde Trooper.


MOTU Origins: Faker 2-Pack
$60.00 each plus S/H
What’s better than a MOTU Origins Faker that comes with an orange cingulum militare and Havoc Staff? How about a beast his can call his own? That’s exactly what you get with this 2-Pack of “Leo” Faker and Dupli-Cat, his robotic feline mount.


MOTU Origins: “Secrets of Grayskull” Accessory Pack
$30.00 each plus S/H
Now that fans have the outstanding Origins Castle Grayskull available for their collection, Mattel expands upon it to make it even better! This pack comes with the castle’s humanoid robot, a 3D dungeon grate that includes a tentacle, and the Spirit of Castle Grayskull. These accessories are a must-have to complete your Grayskull display.


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