Revisiting the 1980’s ‘Rambo’ Action Figure!

Story By Mitchell Smith

Hello everyone, today I am taking a look back at some of my favorite 1985-1986 action figures including ‘RAMBO‘. Back in the day G.I. Joe was booming, Transformers were booming, Star Wars was on a simmer and everyone else and their brother were trying to get in on the action figure action. There was some real cool figures I remember from Marvel’s Doc Oct to Mr. T from the A-Team. Some of my all time favorite figures were the Marchon M-Force figures that seemed to be a knock off of the Rambo figures, but they filled my childhood with so many memories they will alway hold a special place in my heart.

I did however grow up watching Rambo, but I don’t recall ever seeing the figures in the stores. Some years later I found some loose figures at a yard sale for a Buck so I figured why not? These are really cool figures especially by 1985, 86 standards, but they really do hold up to today’s figures. I think it would have been really cool to have had these back in the day. I’m not really looking to grow my collection of these, but I think it is cool to have a piece of childhood history in the mix.

These might even look good with some Classified figures! Who had Rambo figures growing up? How do you compare this line to today’s Rambo figures? Make sure to check back for more stories and reviews and take time to share some of your favorite 80s action figures with us in the comments below.


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