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Not all cosplayers have the notoriety of a Yaya Han or Monika Lee. Some of them, in fact the majority of them I would say, do it for the fun and the love or passion for a particular franchise. Jacen, is one of those type of cosplayers. Constantly improving his armor, he one day hopes that he can join the Mandalorian Mercs. He enjoys going to conventions and meeting like minded people.

Jacen loves cosplay and shows his appreciation to many cosplayers. In fact that is how I stumbled upon him and decided to strike up a conversation one day.

Here are a few words from Jacen Ordo, Mandalorian Knight

1. What was it about Mandalorians that made you want to become one?

The unique design of their armour is just amazing.

2. What kind of weapon(s) does your character carry?
Two swords

3. What enhancements would you like to make to your outfit?
Hmm……that is a very good question.

4. What is it like for you to attend conventions? I have found everyone has their own take on the experience.
To meet and greet other cosplayers and see their work done in their outfits.

5. Do you ever fully get into character when in costume? How so?
Not yet, I am still developing his personality.

6. What are some of the positive experiences that cosplay has made possible for you?
Making some amazing friends with the same hobbies.

7. As a Mandalorian, what are your favorite Mandalorian characters from the Star Wars universe, from Empire Strikes back all the way to Rebels?
Both Jango and Boba Fett and I also like Sabine Wren.

8. Are you eager to see Boba Fett in his own movie?
Oh yeah, I am curious to see what they do for him.

9. Have you met any of the actors such as Jeremy, Temuera or Daniel Logan? If so what was that experience like?
Not yet, but I hope to one day.

10. Have you met any of the voice actors, Jon Favreau etc?
I have not.

11. The cool thing about Mandalorian cosplay is that the uniform allows some freedom of expression in creating your own character, can you explain Jacen’s role in the universe or what makes him unique?
Again, I am still developing his personality.

12. What do you personally enjoy about cosplay? What else regarding cosplay would you like to achieve?
Being able to go to different events and having a great time. I currently have a new set of non Star Wars armour that I am having commissioned. I am hoping to have it done by either this month or next month.

13.What role does cosplay play in your life?
Going to each event and seeing the looks on the kids faces when they see their favorite characters come off screen and to life.

14. If you had a real jetpack what would you do with it?
Hmmm……that is a very good question. I really don’t know what I would with it.

A big thanks to Mandalorian Knight for sharing with us!

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