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Tanya Croft is a Lara Croft cosplayer from the Ukraine, she recently sat down and answered a few questions for the Lair on cosplaying. Tanya has won Tomb Raider cosplay awards and has been featured for her fantastic portrayal of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. Read her interview below and then go to her site and browse all the superb photos. English is not her native language and the interview is word for word below. I say her English is pretty good if you ask me.

You can find Tanya on Deviantart and on her youtube channel

Thank you Tanya for answering a few questions!

So, my answers) If something wrong with it, I hope you’ll understand what I meant :blushes:

1. What was it about Lara Croft that made you want to cosplay her?

When I saw Lara, I understood she’s my ideal, who I want to be. Athletic, strong and sexy adventurer. Smart woman, who can stand up for herself. I think every girl want to be like her :D

2. Is there a version of Lara Croft you have not worn?

A lot of! For example, I still don’t have classic outfit from Anniversary game. And many other, especially from Legend and Underworld games.

3. How many costumes do you have now?
23 :D

4. Has there been a growth in the number of cosplayers in the Ukraine over the years?

Yes! Not only number of cosplayers, but events in Ukraine also has increased.

5. Do you have a favorite Lara Croft costume?

Classic outfit from first parts. =)

6. Is there a scene from the game you have not done as a cosplay that you really want to do?

My dream is recreate Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness game in my fan film.

7. Do you spend a lot of time making costumes? Is there a costume you want to start over?

A lot, that’s right. Every year my boyfriend and I start over minimum of two costumes.

8. How do you find the places where you have posed?

It’s very difficult. But I understand how important are locations in my cosplay. Ukraine is rich of great places: jungles, waterfalls, mountains. Much more difficult to find “civilized” places such as museums, galleries and so on.. No, it isn’t mean Ukraine doesn’t have cultural places, it’s always a problem to arrange about a photoshoot there.

9. Your bio says one of your favorite hobbies is stalking, please tell us what that means?

Stalking means extreme form of industrial tourism. Exploring derelict places, that’s cool!

10. Your boyfriend is very supportive of your hobby, how did you meet?
We met in internet. :D He found my cosplay photos and wrote a message to me. How has he found my photos? Alex searched a girl, who call herself “Lara Croft”. Yeah, that was my nickname in internet… ))

11. Is your sister still playing Tomb Raider, and who is the better player?

Yes! But she likes classic Lara more. She didn’t play in Underworld and Reboot parts… So I think the better player is me :D

12. What are conventions in the Ukraine like?

It’s a pity, but (for now) most of them looks like school matinees. There was a first Comic Con in 2015 and it was really great start for our geek culture. I hope so 🙂

13. Your list of favorite movies on your website and Facebook does not list the Tomb Raider movies, tell us your thoughts about the two movies please.

Movie Lara and game Lara are two different women. I don’t think Tomb Raider films are bad, it’s just Jolie-Lara doesn’t impress me at all.

14. Cosplaying is a form of acting Have you ever wanted to act in a video or film?

Of course I want! From my childhood I’ve dreamed of a career of an actress. I hope I can realize my dream at least in my cosplay film. 🙂

15.If you had a jet pack what would you do with it?
Well, I’ll sell it and buy Croft manor :DDD

Serpentorslair Thanks Tonya for the interview. If you would like to join in the discussion on this interview, you can do so after the JUMP!


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