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It is here, opening day for Star Trek: Into Darkness. Although most of us have been dying to see this and will go regardless of any review, i thought it would be fun to read a review on it before we go see it. We have this below, so give it a read and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

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JJ Abrams’ first Star Trek movie, released in 2009, may have introduced a new generation to the classic franchise, but it is the sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness, that will solidify this new generation as fans of the beloved series.

Viewers spent much of the first movie getting to know the characters and their backgrounds, which allowed Star Trek Into Darkness to jump right into a heart-pounding, action-filled 130 minutes.

Fans of the original series might call the film a little too action-packed, which is fair—the film did rely on several Hollywood action-blockbuster clichés that felt a bit out-of-place, especially for those used to the more nuanced original series.

This increase in action makes sense—in a recent interview, director JJ Abrams admits that he has not always been a Star Trek fan, calling it “too philosophical.” In fact, when constructing the film, he had a balance of writer/producers on staff who loved the series and writer/producers that disliked or had never seen Star Trek so that this new franchise would appeal to all types of moviegoers. Therefore, there are moments when the movie does simply feel like an installment in another generic action-movie franchise.

However, those people working for Abrams that are loyal fans of the original series threw in a number of Easter Eggs throughout the film for their fellow Trekkies to enjoy, helping to give it more substance. It was also these Easter Eggs that brought some of the film’s funniest moments, although Simon Pegg as Lieutenant Commander Scott certainly helped as well.

Overall, the cast gave excellent performances, with the chemistry between Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto’s First Officer Spock being especially noteworthy. Benedict Cumberbatch, who viewers will recognize from the British television series Sherlock (or simply if they’ve spent any time on Tumblr), also does an exceptional job as Commander John Harrison.

Ultimately, I’d bet that this movie won’t have the same cultural impact as some of the earlier series,


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