Star Wars Cosplay Interview with Costumer & Cosplayer Naomi Von Kreeps!


Naomi Von Kreeps describes herself as a dork, a spaz, and a geeky girl. She agreed to answer a few questions about herself, cosplay and her love of Star Wars and peanut butter. Not Star Wars and peanut butter together of course, that is unless maybe she has a propensity for Star Wars toast.


1.You have a very creative way of interpreting Star Wars characters. Do you plan things out ahead of time, such as saying to yourself, that you are going to do an Imperial Royal Guard and this is how I am going to do that, or do you just see it in your head and make it happen?

Some would say creative, others would say slutty. Haha. I generally have an idea of what I want to do in my head then make it happen with a few bumps along the way that usually means changing some aspect of the costume. I say costume because I’ve never considered my Star wars outfits “cosplay”. That would be an insult to the art of cosplay!

2. One of your activities on your Facebook page is to post a picture of yourself in a Star Wars T-shirt on a regular basis. How large is your shirt collection now?

Yes! Every Friday (sometimes Saturday) I post a pic of me in some type of Star Wars merchandise. I’ve been doing this every week since January, without wearing anything twice! Which probably answers your question as to how big my t-shirt collection is. It is MASSIVE. I’ve been very fortunate to have companies as well as individuals send me many awesome Star Wars tshirts. I’m also a rather impulsive shopper, so if I see a cool design, I usually buy it. *sob*

3. What are some of your favorite Star Wars moments?
Since I imagine there could be quite a few, let us say your top three.

The opening scene of the Empire Strikes Back. Just thinking about it gives me chills.

Obi-Wan saying “that’s no moon” in a New Hope

And all scenes with Boba Fett. I’ve had a undying crush on him since I first set eyes on him when I was just a child. I met Jeremy Bulloch a few years back at a con and nearly puked on his shoes, I was just that nervous/excited/andomgitsbobafett

4. Do you have any plans to do any The Force Awakens cosplay?

I was considering doing a Kylo Ren costume. Again…it would probably be my own interpretation of him.

5. Are you the type who has to see a movie on opening day or can you wait a day or even a week or two to see the movie?

I can usually wait! I’m not seeing the Force Awakens when it opens. I’m seeing it on the 20th instead. Haha Ok, so I’m only waiting a few days to see it, but generally speaking I can wait. Perfect example being..I still haven’t seen Mad Max: Fury Road :O

6. What do you think about BB-8 and the fact that he is not CGI and is a real working remote controlled robot?

Yeaaaah..holy crap..I had read that JJ. Abrams was minimizing the use of CGI, and was building incredible sets and props, but when I saw BB-8 roll across the stage at Star Wars Celebration I nearly lost my shit!

7. How did your love of Star Wars manifest?

I owe it all to my older brother who watched the original trilogy over and over and over again, and there I was, his annoying little sister watching it along with him probably asking him a million dumb questions.

8. I noticed a few snapchats They are spontaneous and quirky, how often do you post?

I post whenever I feel this overwhelming need TO POST TO SNAPCHATTT. haha I have no idea. I just post whenever the thought crosses my mind or I have something to show, like cosplay progress or whatever.

9. When you play video games do you get all excited and yell or curse at the screen?

Oh man..yes…I yell and scream and curse. If I’m playing console, and get to a hard part, I also have to stand up. I don’t know why I just have to stand up!

10. What game do you find the most challenging?

Anything FPS. Seriously I suck so bad at FPS. I run around in circles, I get lost. I have no idea what I’m doing.

11. Peanut Butter, what is your favorite recipe? Anything unusual or just peanut butter and bread?
Maybe you just like to eat it straight out of the jar?

Natural Peanut Butter, as in throw some peanuts into a blender, blend the eff out of them, and I’m in heaven. I eat it with a spoon. Bread just gets in the way of peanut butter. Peanut butter should never be eaten with anything. That is peanut butter blasphemy. Seriously. i effin love peanut butter so damn much.

12. What are some other characters you have cosplayed?

I’ve cosplayed the Crusader from d3, my own rendition of Harley Quinn, a genderbend Rorschach, genderbend Edward Kenway from AC4:Black Flag, Catwoman, Black Widow, Black Cat, Black Canary, Scarlet Witch and more!

13. Who is on your cosplay bucket list?

The Demon Hunter from d3. I have wanted to make this cosplay since d3 came out in 2012.

14. What is a typical convention like for you?

It’s usually pretty crazy. I go as a fan like everyone else, but being in cosplay usually means people stopping me constantly to take pictures, people recognizing me etc.etc. But again, I’m only there to be as much of a fa as everyone else.

15. What cosplay are you currently working on?

I’m working on my bucket list cosplay!! The Demon Hunter!

16. Since you are in the Great North, have you ever thought of doing a Hoth inspired cosplay?

haha I have! I’ve considered doing a Snowtrooper costume.

17. Do you have any Star Wars tattoos?

I only have 1, very small one. I have ESB tattooed on my finger. I of course want more, but I think my tattoo getting days are over. 🙁 I have too many tattoos already. If that is possible haha

18. How has internet fame affected you (nearly 80,000 likes on your facebook page and 11,600 followers on twitter!), or has it?

It hasn’t really. I mean I have met some awesome people online, then in real life, and I suppose it has it perks, but overall it hasn’t affected me. I’m a normal girl, that has a job that happens to cosplay and has a fair share of followers online. And honestly, the amount of followers I have is nothing in comparison to other cosplayers!

19. What is a typical day like for Naomi?

Like anyone else’s day really. I wake up super early so I can run to work, I work all day at my cubicle job, then I run to the gym, workout, go home. Things that may differ from most peoples days are working on cosplays, answering fan mail, questions about cosplay making and interviews like this one!

20. Finally, if Boba Fett (or Jango) gave you his jet pack, what would you do with it?

If Boba Fett gave me his jet pack, I’d poop my pants out of excitement, then would use his jet pack to get me home super quick so I could change my pants. :D







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