Star Wars Cosplay Interview with IRELAND REID!


Ireland Reid is a well known cosplayer who just so happens to have some pretty major geek cred.
She agreed to take a few minutes to chat about a small independent film called …
What’s that you say? Oh, Star Wars the Force Awakens. Well now that makes much more sense to talk about.

Ireland, you certainly don’t hold back when it comes to your youtube videos. I can tell you are being yourself and that is great. Yes Virginia she vlogs!
1. Over your career you have been fortunate to travel to several places and go to several conventions, since this is a Star Wars interview…What planet in the galaxy far far far away is calling to you right now? Well….long long time ago in a galaxy far far away…..
Hold up…I am watching Q and A part two and just heard you love Top Gun…and the military, yet no GIJOE cosplays? Correct me if I am mistaken.
Well maybe this will start some gears to turn.

I have such a strong love for the military as it holds my heart and always will. I don’t know if I can cosplay something in this nature lol.

2. What was it about Mara Jade that drew you to want to portray that character?

I love the whole concept of her. Complete badass assassin as the right hand “man” for the Sith lord and then jumps side for love. I wouldn’t have switched sides for love, but def find it noble, like a sci-fi romance story. What am I kidding, I love that she is a complete badass!! Plus her saber is now purple, my favorite color so it was meant to be right?! lol

3. Speaking of Mara Jade, How do you feel about Disney and Lucasfilm’s decision to ignore the expanded universe?

My heart breaks at this actually..

4. What color would the Ireland Reid official lightsaber be?

Purple. I can’t think of any other color that would appropriate lol.

5. Have you ever wanted to design your own version of a Star Wars character, from sketch to patterns to final costume?

I’m torn between a cross from Mara and Queen Amidala get up. I love noble attire, but want something assassin like..hmmm ideas pouring in my mind now lol.

6. Do or do not, there is no try has always been one of my favorite Star Wars quotes, do you have any favorite lines from the movies?

“Judge me by my size, do you?” As one of the shortest in my family (everyone is over 5’9-6’7”) this quote was always fitting of myself as I am a ginger and carry lots of “dynamite like” personality and punch to the bunch lol.

7. Have you ever met any Star Wars celebrities? Do you have any special memories from meeting them?

I haven’t had the opportunity to but would def love to hear how it changed their lives and feelings on the new movies coming out for sure.

8. John Williams is an amazing composer, what kinds of emotions stir in you when listening to the soundtrack?

Tears of joy. Yes I will be that girl crying through the whole movie when it releases in the back of the theater. Judge you, you will. Care, I give not. lol.

9. Speaking of emotions, have you seen the trailers for The Force Awakens, and what kind of reaction did you have?

Goosebumps, tears of joy and trying to stumble out words while calling my dad who was going through the same thing.

10. I imagine you like to keep things secret and we have not seen much from the Force Awakens, but is it possible we may see you in some form of Episode Seven garb?

Mum is the word…shhhhhh

11. Have you seen any Star Wars cosplay that just blew you away?

I am always amazed how many people dress up in star wars like costumes and cosplays. Growing up, even mentioning you watched star wars put you at the table during school lunch in the corner by yourself. The fact that this is now part of pop culture and accepted is just mind blowing for me.

12. Gaming question, hope you have played a few of them! We have been treated to Star Wars video games since 1983. Is there one in particular that you really enjoy? Why?

The new Battlefront is pretty cool actually. As far as older style games with the Star Wars theme, the Empire Strikes Back for NES was a game I played a lot as a kid when I could along with many others over the years. lol

13. Star Wars is often referred to as a mythological tale. Are there any ancient mythologies that you find interesting?

I love philosophy and love debating mythological tales with many of my writer friends, tutors and mentors. I have books and books on many from Greek to Roman stores and tales. I love things of that nature.

14. How do you think J.J. Abrams and co. are handling the franchise so far?

Im a nervous wreck. I am praying that he doesn’t fuck it up. Well him or Disney…

See her expanded take on this in the video at the end of the interview

15.Why don’t droids get served in cantinas? This is not a trick question or a bad joke, just a chance to be creative.

Probably because they don’t drink and taking up seats of other paying patrons in the establishment.

16. What kind of Star Wars memorabilia or collectibles do you have? What would you like to have from Star Wars? What is your Holy Grail?

I used to have so much but lost a lot of it when my father remarried and his new wife sold all of it at a garage sale without my knowledge including some high end collectables now. So needless to say, its a touchy subject. I am slowly building back up the collection but costumes are expensive to make lol.

17. Back to cosplay for a minute, how long did it take to make the Mara Jade costume?

I was going to unveil her later this year, not at Star Wars celebration as I was in London the week before. LeeAnna asked me to break her out and I literally had to commission so many pieces of this one because I could not be physically home to accomplish this. All those amazing people who helped out can be found on my Facebook page where I posted thank yous and links to their stores & work. Getting all this done from London was intense lol.

18. Were there any parts of the costume that gave you fits?
You know, wardrobe malfunctions needles breaking in sewing machines etc. As a costumer, and designer, there is always something that goes wrong. Its knowing and prepping for this in advance is what helps reduce stress.

19. How often do you go back and portray Mara Jade? Or do you prefer to do something new once you have completed a photoshoot or con.

I revisit her a lot. I love her and her costumes. I will always portray her in some way, shape or form. This is one character that will not disappear from m yearly lineups lol.

20. You find Boba Fett’s jet pack on your doorstep with a pretty green bow. It works. What are you going to do with it?

Oh the adventures that will happen…..Now this is on my Christmas List. =)



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